Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Peaceful Colors Induce Dreams of Le Jardin Provencale

The pillowcases continue to come in! This batch of 7 is from Jane who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. The colors are so peaceful and inviting, oh how I wish I could go take a nap!!
 The colors and the bamboo make me want to put my hands together and say Namaste.
Among the dreamy colors is this lovely piece with wispy vignettes of gardens anyone would want to visit, even if only in a dream.

When I opened the box, I was so surprised to see a little bag. Nestled inside was a jar of homemade goodness and look at the note Jane wrote. The pad is in the shape of a dress. How cute!! So what could that jar be?
Red Pepper Jelly!!!!Oh my goodness...I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thanks so much Jane. This is going to be great on a piece of Asiago cheese bread. My mouth is watering as I type :)
Thank you Jane for your lovely contribution. We are now at 823 donated pillowcases for the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma, Washington. Only 77 more are needed to reach the goal of 900.
I know that there are more pillowcases coming in, but I am more of a "bird in the hand" rather than a "bird in the bush" kinda gal, so we aren't there yet. If you would like to donate, there is still plenty of time. As I said a few days ago, I would like to do the hanging of the 900 pillowcases over Thanksgiving weekend. So if you have some time to spare and you would like to join in, here is a link to the simplified instructions that I did, http://www.rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-simplified-pillowcase-instructions.html. If you do participate, email me at sewbussted@yahoo.com and let me know. If you would like to read more about the project, here is a link to all of the previous posts that I have done, http://www.rhondabuss.blogspot.com/search/label/Mary%20Bridge
Saying "Namaste" is part of an old tradition and it is a way of showing respect and gratitude. So I close simply today with

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  1. Can I ask why the number 900? it must have some significance.

    1. It does. The hospital gives out 900 pillowcases every month, so this will be a one month supply. Thanks for asking:)