Friday, October 25, 2013

Bart, Did You Eat Those Daisies????

I overslept this morning by 2 hours!!!! Shot a hole in my entire day. Not like me at all. And of course this happens on a day that is already packed. Oh well, I guess I needed the rest and things are getting accomplished, just not how I had planned them. I have just a few minutes before I need to be out the door again, so I thought I would get a pillowcase post in. I just couldn't resist the title when I saw this pillowcase with Bart Simpson posed as an angel saying, "I didn't do it,"
  and this sweet daisy filled pillowcase :)
Darlene from Whiteland, Indiana sent in 6 pillowcases for the Mary Bridge Pillowcase drive bringing our total to 829!!! Amazing! Only 71 more pillowcases needed to reach the goal of 900. Can you believe it?!!!!!
Darlene's cases are just delightful like this great vintage  cowboy print that she paired with a bandanna print,
 and cute little Lady Bugs.
 Thank you so much Darlene for your gift.
At this point, I have decided that I will no longer post a link to the pillowcase instructions. If you would like to make a few for the project, that would be wonderful and very appreciated. But we are so near our goal of 900 and I know that there are a number of donations still coming in so I believe that we will reach our goal. Just remember this, the hospital goes through 900 pillowcases every month and they are dependent upon donations, so if we go over the goal of 900 all the better :)
As with each of these posts, I just have to say thank you for helping me make this project a reality. Your generosity has been a true inspiration.
Thank you,

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