Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello Kitty, Would You Like Ride In My Car?

I told you the other day that I am having the best time of coming up with the titles for the pillowcase posts!!! They are a little hokey I guess, but they're still fun :)
Dolores, a fellow Haute Couture member sent me a note and said that she had dropped 6 pillowcases in the mail. I will see her on Saturday, but I think she just really wanted to get them to me. They are so precious.  
 For the Hello Kitty cases, she picked up the light grey in the pattern to accent the cases. So delicate.
 The cars are all boy, bright fun colors.
If I were Hello Kitty and Lightening McQueen and came racing up and offered a ride, I think I just might get in the car ;) People always talk about how much boys like cars, hey girls like cars too!!!.
 So another 6 to add to our numbers. We now have 835!! Thanks so much Dolores!
I've received a number of emails in the last few days and I think we will reach 900 maybe before the week is over. We'll see!! Now I'm wondering who will make the donation that hits the target goal. Exciting, exciting!
As I said in the last pillowcase post, I am no longer asking for donations as we are right at meeting our goal. But, if you would like to donate, that would be wonderful. The cases will not be sent to Washington until February and, as I also said, the hospital goes through 900 in a month so the more the better. If you would like to make pillowcases, here is a link to the instructions, http://www.rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-simplified-pillowcase-instructions.html
Thanks so much for all so many of you have done to make this project come to pass. I never could have done it without you.

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  1. I am in the midst of sewing some now so will post them by end of November.

  2. Love the hello kitty cases! I also want to thank you for posting the Panera soup recipes -- I just tried the tomato soup one last night and it turned out fabulous (added the extra pepper and an additional celery stalk)!

    1. So glad that you enjoyed the soup. I am a big celery lover too. I like to add celery seed only with the celery. Gives it a little stronger celery taste. And pepper is always a good thing ;) You might want to give the roasted red pepper soup a try. It is not as mellow as the tomato soup, has a bit of a tang, but I loved it.