Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration

We have made it to the end of my pile of Modes Royale pattern catalogues. I have had an awfully good time sharing these with you and I've loved your comments. I think the most often shared observation has been the emphasis on a small waist and hips. Remember, everyone wore girdles on a daily basis. You just didn't leave the house without one. When I was doing bridal gowns, a good portion of my business was reworking vintage gowns. It was interesting to see just how much girdles changed the body. Although my brides were quite thin, they were not the same shape as their mothers or grandmothers. The new generation has a very straight shape where their mothers and grandmothers had a waist, and a small waist at that. The catalogues that we have been viewing are before the days of photoshop. Rather than photographing a model and then thinning her down, everything here is drawn and so the artist can draw the "ideal figure." I love to shop for vintage clothes and I have found that just like today, women came in many different sizes. We really haven't changed that much, we just don't squeeze into girdles like we did at one time. Hopefully you have been able to take away a few ideas for a collar, a sleeve, or a pocket treatment.   
Next week I have something rather fun, and vintage to share with you. I think you'll find it interesting. So, until next week...enjoy my last Modes Royale catalogue. This is the Fall/Winter 1952/53 edition. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with inspiration!

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  1. Rhonda: I have been in awe of your posts. My mother (in the 1950's) had a coat similar to 1136. There was enough fabric for two coats in it, but Mom looked so nice. I still remember some ladies wearing similar styles - but, I was reared on a farm in Northern Ohio, so my link to fashion was the Sunday edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. One more thought...who did the housework??? (This will come through as Anon)............Lydia

    1. They did the housework! That's why they had a wardrobe of aprons,

  2. I'm sad that this is the last of the Modes Royal posts. I enjoyed them alot. thanks!!

  3. So beautiful. I too was wondering how they breathed much less did housework... It just makes me wonder what people will think when they look through a Burda 50 years from now.

  4. Such a shame, the last one ! Rhonda, thank you so much for sharing !

  5. Thank you Rhonda for sharing these. I have really enjoyed seeing them.