Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sleeves On Saturdays

I'm finally back with the first edition of Sleeves On Saturdays for the new year. It's about time!!!
Today's sleeve must be made from a knit fabric. It's very easy to do and adds a fun aspect to any basic top. It does not save fabric!! I'm calling this sleeve
The Bending Willow Sleeve
 You can see that the sleeve is cute full and has lots of drape.
Begin with your bodice pattern. Remember, this top needs to be made from a KNIT fabric, if you make it out of a woven, you will not be able to move!!!!!
We did a dolman sleeve and if you will remember, we lined up the sleeve with the shoulder of the bodice as you see below. WE DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS WITH THIS TOP. 
As you can see from the garment, the sleeve is at an angle to the bodice.
 Fold the sleeve pattern in half and match it to the shoulder of the bodice at an angle as you see below.
 To create the billow aspect of the sleeve, round off the lower portion of the sleeve as you see below.
From where the sleeve intersects with the bodice, draw a 45 degree angle and extend it past the length of the bodice. This sleeve is 12" longer than a normal sleeve.
Off of the 45 degree angle, draw a straight line. Measure your wrist. Remember we are making this top from a stretch knit so we can have a close fitting wrist. We want a close fitting wrist so the the sleeve will not fall off of our hand. As an example, if your wrist is 10", divide this measurement in half. Draw a line over at the wrist that will be 5". Do not add ease to the wrist measurement.  Continue the curve that we started at the lower edge of the original sleeve and bring this down to meet with the drawn in wrist.
I said that this sleeve is 12" longer than a normal sleeve. The extra12" begins at the wrist of the original sleeve. This is a very relaxed sleeve, so if your sleeve is a little longer, it will be fine, just not too much longer.
We don't want sharp angles on out top, so round off the armpit seam and round off the angle that we drew in at the wrist as you see above.
The final pattern. It looks rather funky, but it does make an interesting sleeve.

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  1. LOVE this! Totally inspired!!!! Now to find the time!

  2. Love this, I am going to try it, but I am not sure I will get the look you got, its just amazing your creative eye.

  3. I so so trying those sleeves. LOVE it!!!!!

  4. This is wonderful. Am a nigerian (reside there) and had been following ur blog ever since i discovered it.
    I would like to say that am inspired to sew more. In Nigeria, had not come across a place where they sell patterns or sewing books, those which i have i requested online and asked my relatives in the UK to buy and send to me.
    Thanks for the tutorials. I would really appreciate more of this. I love the Monday inspiration, d patterns u do show us (wish i cld have them). I hope to upload my sewing soonest.

  5. Wow! I love this! You are just brilliant!

  6. Absolutely love this sleeve and will be trying it very soon. Are you designing and sewing instead of skiing? (Snow on the ground in picture)