Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Little Graphic Fun For A Tuesday Morning

Just before Christmas my January edition of Vogue magazine arrived. Those of you who have followed the blog for a while know that I absolutely love Vogue magazine, the American version. I am rarely disappointed. The layouts are interesting and I almost always enjoy the articles. Whenever I have the chance to travel to Europe, I always make a point of buying a European version of Vogue. I can't read it, but I enjoy it nonetheless!!! 
This recent edition did not disappoint, so I thought I would share some of the wonderful pieces that were featured. The outfits are graphic and bold and seem so refreshing to me. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  

The model reminds me so much of Twiggy. I guess I'm dating myself a bit, but I think that was the look they were going for with this layout.
This is my favorite piece in the entire group. So easy to do, just crochet the squares and use rings to connect them. You could buy a sweater and cut out the middle and then attach the squares.

What a fun twist on a French inspired jacket. I didn't look at the credits, it might be a Chanel piece. Nope, I just looked, it's by Tom Ford. I saw a woman wearing a marabou jacket over the holidays and the thought occurred to me that I could make a silk jacket and then attach the marabou. Better than paying the $4,500 that they are asking for the above jacket!!!
I really like the graphics on the above sweater and I also like the peekaboo of the organza on the bottom of the skirt.

Here's a little idea for left over leather scraps. Rather interesting.
The bag is Prada, really cute.
The above picture was not part of the above grouping, but I just had to share the coat. The entire piece is pleated. Wow!

I also liked the pieces above and below. Both fun and funky.

For all of you who love to make bags, I pulled this picture out. Now, I don't know that I want spikes on my shoulder, but I thought that the idea was rather interesting.
And the last picture is for me, I do love shoes. Aren't they pretty?!! Dolce and Gabbana for the bargain price of $995.00! Oh well, they are pretty. Maybe Payless or Top Shop will make a copy??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to get these posted and off my desk. I do have something else to share today. I did a winter version of The Perfect Travel Dress out of a sweater knit. See you later!
An update;
The winter version of the Perfect Travel Dress will be posted tomorrow, Wednesday. I managed to cut my neck, not serious, just frustrating. How does one cut their neck and not mean to? It takes talent!!! 

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  1. That pleated coat is fabulous!

  2. I love looking through your eyes and listening to your thoughts as you look through the magazine!

    1. I know, I am a bit....maybe a lot, quirky ;-)

  3. Just got my copy of Vogue today. I'll have to get looking at it.
    Definitely channeling Twiggy with that model and shoot. Great clothes with lots of interesting details.

    1. I too thought this layout was especially interesting. At least I'm not the only one that sees the reference to Twiggy :) thanks Dixie!

  4. Just love the peekaboo organza and that checked coat... oh la la!

    1. That checked coat is amazing. If you take a good look you'll see that the fabric is actually very sheer.

  5. Rhonda did twiggy have so much hair. If <i remember welle she had very short hair. And no bang.

    1. She had bangs that were usually swept to the side. Her hair was short, thick but kept rather slick to the head. I had to take a look to remember exactly what she looked like :)