Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration

Ankle Candy
A woman's ankle is a lovely part of the body to adorn. I've found a number of examples of things you can do to add impact to your shoes or maybe just a bare foot.
This is a Jimmy Choo shoe, but who needs to spend the money when you could make a bouquet of roses and attach them to your shoe.
The wooden beads on this pair of shoes would be so easy to duplicate as well. What a great idea to add to a pair of platform sandals. 
I found this picture of a model wearing the same pair of shoes.
Maybe attach a strand of rhinestones on an elastic cord.
For the hippie or not so hippie girl, a simple little crocheted anklet.
Or add a leather "bracelet" to a pair of boots.
Now I especially loved this picture. What you see are tatted pieces. My grandmother taught me to tat. What a fun, updated way to wear tatting. 
Here's a fairly simple crocheted medallion on a chain. Rather fun.
I know, I know, I'm repeating myself, but this isn't about the shoes this week, it's about the pretty little bracelet around the ankle. The only issue with this bracelet is that you will have to be VERY careful about crossing your legs or you'll have streaks of blood running down your leg. Ouch!!!
Happy Monday Everyone!

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