Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Night Reflections

The Artist's Way
Week 8
Each week as I've come to the weekly check in, I've been aware that there are those who read, but I wondered if anyone was actually following along. Last Sunday night, I came home from mass with an incredible headache and decided that my rest was more important, besides, would anyone really miss my not checking in? As it turns out, yes. Thank you.
I had thought that I would combine two weeks, but as the days went by, I felt that I needed to pause and spend a bit more time on this chapter. So often we rush so quickly through every bit of our life that we miss the small cues that are there, trying to encourage us to go a little more slowly. So that is what I have done, I've lingered a little while longer on a chapter that ironically talks about recovering strength.
The first week, my husband was away on a ski trip. It really couldn't have come at a better time. It gave him a chance to meet with friends and focus on fellowship and fun rather than the stitches that were all over the top of his head. We have been separated many times in the past when he or I would need to be away, but for some reason, this time was very different for me. Yes, I missed him terribly as I always do, but I saw something so much more. There is a scripture that says, "the two shall become one." It says, shall become, meaning, it's a process, not something that happens automatically. Without him here, I realized that so much of what I do relies on the help that he gives me. As we move through our day, he picks up the loose ends and together we make it all work. We are truly becoming one, where one lacks, the other is there to pull it all together.
This has been a very different week. A friend was here visiting for a few days. During one of our conversations she asked me if I liked one group that I am involved with over another. My response with fast and very much to the point. Why, I don't know, but I find that within the one group there is a need to protect the small world that they have built for themselves, to the point of being vicious at times . I explained that what I don't understand is that they don't seem to realize that there is room for all, we all have our unique gifts and the ability to raise each other up and in turn make more opportunities available for everyone. On the other hand, the other group seems to understand the premise of being a part of something so much larger than what one can do on their own. By combining out efforts, we all have a stake in the future of so many. As it turns out, my two weeks both brought about the same message, we need each other, be it a spouse, a close friend or like minded people who work together to build something that is greater than one can do on their own.
If you are following along with me and have already moved on to week 9, very good. Maybe this can be your week to pause, linger a bit before you move on to week 10. I encourage you to re-read the Creative U-Turn section. It talks about how we actually sabotage ourselves. What excuses do we make when opportunity is standing at our door? There is a wonderful quote in the margin, "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." What opportunities have we missed out on because we were too afraid that we would fail? Life is all about attitude and timing.
Have a wonderful week. Take a chance this week and do something that seems a little crazy. Maybe buy a package of crayolas or a set of brightly colored magic markers(I love the name, magic markers. It's all in the name, you pick one up and magic happens!) or a package of  crazy stickers and use them to decorate your morning pages notebook. You know what will feel right for you. Really allow yourself the room to do some playing. Remember, when we play, it's all about fun, not about winning, losing, success or failure.     

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  1. I am way behind, still in the decluttering chapter, and likely to be here for several weeks. But lots of good things are happening so that's OK.

  2. Interesting comments regarding the groups. I belonged at one time to a group much like the first one that you mention. It became clear over time that any group that didn't appreciate thinking creatively out of the box and taking artistic liberties was not for me. While I maintained friendships with the members individually this group was not for me. You will need to decide at some point if that is for you as well. I wish you well on your journey.