Friday, March 2, 2012

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

Rather than post a new pattern today, I decided to brag on all of you who have taken a chance and have given one of my ideas a try. Don't worry, I'm not skipping this week all together, I will post this week's pattern on Tuesday of next week. I promise.
The first three ladies all gave the All Points Skirt a try.
The first up is The Material Lady. What a lovely skirt. I really love the fabric that she chose for her skirt. Click on the above link and you can read her post.  

The drape is beautiful!
The second is Ruthie. I posted her pictures when she was chosen for The Wednesday Showcase, but her skirt is lovely, so it is worth a second look.
Look at the lovely wardrobe she has created. What a wonderful mix of outfits she will be able to create from just six pieces. You can check out her blog post here.
Bev also gave the skirt a try. She had a few issues with the skirt, but I applaud her for giving it a try and for making it work for her. Way to go Bev! You can read her post here.
The Obi Belt was given a try by Jilly. Her belt was also seen when she was chosen for The Wednesday Showcase some time ago. You can read her post here. Jilly used ties to create a wonderful vest. You can see that post here.
I am extremely fortunate to have friends who support me. My lovely friend Brenda made the super easy rectangle skirt. I was so surprised when she walked into last year's Haute Couture fashion show wearing her skirt. Sadly, she doesn't have a blog so I can't direct you to it, but I can at least show you a picture of her in the skirt. 
She also made the very first pattern in the Fabulous Free Pattern Series, The Rectangle/Triangle Top. No picture of her in the top, but trust me, it looked wonderful on her.
This week I had lunch with another wonderful friend who made the Ballerina Top. I didn't bring my camera with me that day and silly me, I forgot that I could take a picture with my phone, so sadly, no picture. It really did look fabulous on her. She made it out of a purple and black stripe knit. I'm going to see her tomorrow so maybe I can get a picture of her yet!
Now if any of you have given a pattern a try, I would love to see your creation. Email me at sewbussted@yahoo.com and attach a picture.
A great big THANK YOU to The Material Lady, Ruthie, Bev, Jilly, Brenda and Nancy for following along and as I said before, giving the patterns a try. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 
I bet most of you have forgotten, but tomorrow will be our first installation of S.O.S., aka, Sleeves On Saturdays. See you then!

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  1. Really nice pieces that everyone has made!

    I had completely forgotten about the sleeve designs in March - I look forward to that!

  2. I should be thanking you Rhonda! The skirt is great and I would never have tried this shape without your input. (And yes, the fabric drapes wonderfully - I have had several compliments when wearing it). Thanks for the link to my blog too.