Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finally Finished

The first time I showed you this sweater, 
 it looked like this.
 Then I finally finished the body. I was so happy when I got to this point.
 One sleeve was finished and the other was well on its way. I felt even happier!!
And now today!!!!!!!!!!
 She's all finished. I'm so very happy!!!
 A view of the back.
The sweater that is pictured in the Vogue Knitting magazine is wonderful, but when I finished it, I felt that it needed something to finish off the hem,
 so I knitted the cable that you see in the above photo and attached it. I like it a lot better.
 The cuffs are so lovely. I love how the cables continue into the cuffs.
The body of the sweater has actually been finished for quite a while, but I just wasn't sure how I wanted to do the closure. A trip to Soutache produced the buttons. They're sticks....really....sticks! I could have made them myself, but then I would have had to sit and sand and varnish them. It was so much easier to buy them. I really like the rustic feel.
 All I ended up doing was a small I-cord that I sewed on and twisted to mimic the cables.
Now she's all ready to wear! I think I'll let her make her maiden appearance tomorrow.
When I started the sweater, I shared that I had always felt that once I made this sweater that I would have reached the pinnacle of knitting. Once I started, it just wasn't as difficult as I had thought, but then again, that's how it usually is with anything we think is going to be monumental. All I had to do was get started.

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  1. That is incredible. I am so impressed, it would take me forever to knit something like this, and there would be a lot of ravelling! The cable finish for the hem is perfect, what a great idea to give the hem a bit more structure, and your i-cord and stick closure look terrific.

  2. Rhonda, this is wonderful! As a knitter myself, I realize the time and effort that went into this. It was a commitment! I hope you enjoy wearing it.

  3. Oooh pretty! You'll look like a million bucks in that.

  4. Wow. How long did that all take?

  5. I didn't know you liked to knit! But, OMG, this sweater is STUNNING! Absolutely, positively, STUNNING! And I hope it keeps you warm enough. :D

  6. To answer Erin's question, the sweater really didn't take that long. As I said in the post, it looks much more intimidating than it actually is It's knitted in one piece and you start at the neckline and knit to the hem. It's one of those projects that I took on long car trips. It kept me busy and productive at the same time. Shams is referring to a comment I recently made to her. I said that I'm always cold and that I usually look like a bag lady. She said that she refused to have a mental picture of me as a bag lady. Believe it or not, as I sit here, I have on a long sleeve T-shirt, a sweater and a shawl wrapped around me. Everything does match though!!
    Thanks everyone for all the lovely compliments.

  7. Absolutely stunning work, I am in awe.

  8. Oh, Rhonda, I look forward to seeing this in person--it is gorgeous!

  9. What a stunning piece of work. I am not a great knitter myself and it realy impresses me!!

  10. There are not adequate superlatives to describe how much I love the sweater you completed.
    You make me wish my knitting skills were past beginner stage....and I wish we were the same size so I could begin to beg you to gift it to me!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. It is a fabulous sweater. Did you "wing" it or follow a pattern? Have a friend who longs to knit one but needs a pattern. If pattern can you send details to sheilacodd@gmail.com? Love you blog

  12. OMG - I said this out loud when I saw this sweater! You are sooooooooo talented!
    Michele P