Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Western Inspiration

I recently received the Fall 2011 catalog from UGG. The photographs are wonderful. 
 I especially love this purse.
 The bag in the above and again below is something that could definitely be replicated.

 Look at the belt detail on the bags above.
 I love how there is such a sense of the west, but it's not overdone.

 Fantastic boots.
 I included this picture because I especially like the woven detail on the boot.
 A cowgirl with attitude.
 Check out the scarf. So, so easy to do.
 Eddie Bauer is even getting on the band wagon.
 The bags are wonderful.

 They even have stockings,
 and you can outfit your bedroom. Oh my, I would love to crawl into this bed.
 I even found this pair of leggings. A little out there, but fun. I just might have to order a pair of these.
 Those who know me, know that there is a cowgirl buried inside that would love to break free.
 A few of my boots. And yes, those are Christmas boots, poinsettias and holly.
 A few years ago I made this coat. I had been looking through a Pendleton catalog and I came across a coat that I fell in love with. If I remember correctly, I think it was around $1,200.00. A beautiful coat, but I didn't want to pay that much. As I continued through the catalog, I saw that I could order fabric. The light went on. "I'll just order the fabric and make the coat myself." And that's what I did.
 The coat had a leather collar just like what I put on mine.
But I went a step farther and did leather bound buttonholes and I found the ceramic buttons that were just perfect. I also inner lined my coat with a cotton batiste and I used a flannel back lining. I get cold.
 Now in all fairness, the Pendleton coat did have a fur collar and cuffs.
Lucky me. A friend gave me an old coat that had a wonderful collar and cuffs. So now this year, my coat will have a new addition.
At this point the collar has been taken off the coat. I now need to reshape it and do a little interior work and then line it. I'll show the progress in upcoming posts.
So this year you have permission to show your inner cowgirl. Ye-Ha!!
Have a great day.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Rhonda. My inner cowgirl leaped for enjoy when "I" saw the boots, purses and your beautiful coat. And oh yeah, love the Christmas boots.

  2. Me L*KE and it will go GREAT with my horse theme :)

  3. Wow, your coat is fantastic and those boots are to die for. So chic and practical at the same time.