Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

Does anyone else out there have a Blackberry? I got up this morning, turned on my phone, not an email to be had. I turned it off, tried again, nothing. This lead to a trip to the phone store where I was told that I had too many old messages on my phone. This made no sense whatsoever because I was receiving messages last night just before I turned it off. This afternoon while listening to the radio I found out that this was a nation wide problem that started in Europe on Sunday. Oh well, a lot of time spent on something that I did not do. Doesn't it seem like something could have been said before the problem reached America especially since this started on Sunday. Incredible. Oh well, life is once again back to normal.
This is the simplest pattern, two pieces and that's it.

Check out the shoes. I got them at Payless on Monday. Since it was Columbus day they were having a sale and they ended up being only $7.00. They take the place of a pair of shoes I had to throw away a month or so ago.

Here's the pattern. You will need your hip measurement and the length that you would like your vest to be. For the back, cut a rectangle the length that you would like your vest to be and half the width of your hips. The front measurement will be 1/4 of your hip measurement for the width and  for the length you will need your hip measurement plus the measurement you used for your length, twice.
Find the center of your back piece. Find the center of your front piece. Match the centers and sew together.

To form the side seams, I first enclosed the right angle you see in the above picture with a binding. Once the binding has been sewn, overlap and hand sew leaving the desired opening for your armhole.
And that's it. Super, super simple. I used a bamboo knit because I love the quality of the fabric and it drapes so beautifully. Also, because of the fabric, I did not finish the hem edge or the edge that goes around the neck.
Good luck if you decide to give it a try. I'm going to make a few more. I rather like it.
Email if you have any questions.

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  1. I would like to make something like this but with synthetic fur as its for a Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon) Cosplay. Could you explain how to make it a little further? (I'm a bit dumb and new to this haha)

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Alisha, let me know what you are struggling with and I will do my best to help. You are welcome to email me at sewbussted@yahoo.com