Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ready To Roll

On September 1st I shared with you the Christine Jonson patterns that we will be featuring in our fashion show for Haute Couture. I went through my fabric more times than I can tell you. When I initially wrote the post, I thought that I had settled on some fabrics, but then, I changed my mind. I did make the jacket and pants from the Travel Trio One pattern, the skirt, hoodie and top from Travel Trio Two, and the top and the shawl from Travel Trio Three. The tights that I am wearing are tights that I draped so there is not a pattern for them. Sorry about that, but I think that Christine does have a tight pattern, so you are in luck if you would like a pair. 
Now here's where it gets funny. I decided that I would like to go downtown and take pictures by this old abandoned produce building. In order to do this, I had to wear clothes over clothes and this is quite apparant in the pictures. Another thing, I didn't have a mirror, so I wasn't able to straighten things out and I swear that my husband is blind sometimes as he'll say, "oh I didn't notice." (He's a saint though for trying to help me.Truly.)      

 In this picture you can see the wrap skirt from T.T. 2, and the top is from T.T.3. It fits so much better than it looks like it does in the picture.
 I made the skirt reversible, so this is the other side of the skirt, the top and the hoodie are from T.T.2.
 I had felt that I would like for the hoodie to be longer, but now that I see the picture, I think it's fine. I still want to add something decorative though.
 The jacket and pants from T.T.1 and the top is from T.T.2.
The suit is really a very nice suit. I made it out of a heavier weight stretch knit so that it would have some weight and yet have some nice movement. If I say so myself, I'm rather happy with the outcome.

 This is the top from T.T.2.
 And now for a little better look at the pieces. This is the funnel neck top from T.T.2.
 The hoodie from T.T.2. I made it reversible.
 The top from T.T.3.
 The wrap skirt from T.T.2 that I made reversible. I have enough of the fabric to make the top from T.T.3 without the gathered front and short sleeves. 
This is an up close look at the fabric for the tights. I really like taking an outfit that could be very conservative and giving it an edge. The fabric I used for the tights came from Haberman's Fabrics in Royal Oak, Michigan, a fantastic fabric store. If you are ever in the Detroit area, Haberman's is a must.

The jacket from T.T.1.

The patterns went together well. Christine does an excellent job of explaining the steps. My only recommendation is to not wear so many tops on top of each other :). 
There's a great little shop next to this building. After we had taken the pictures, my husband said, "let's go in for a bit." I was burning up and just wanted to get in the car and turn the airconditioning on, but I felt that he went out of his way for me, so I should do the same for him. When we got back home he said, "you must have been hot." Ya think!!! Still, he is a saint.
If you enjoy sewing and wearing knits, I think you will enjoy working with these patterns.
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and staying cool.

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  1. Wonderful travel wear. I like pieces from all three patterns. Hopefully by next meeting I'll decide which two I will purchase and make for the show.

  2. These pieces are really, really nice and each can stand on their own!! Love the colors and fabric select for this collection...they're very cohesive! Nice job!

  3. Simply lovely, and you wear them all very well.