Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday....A Little Late

I must apologize for not getting this post out on Friday. First of all, I had a raging headache and my Little Bit was once again having back problems. I sat on the sofa and rubbed her back and tried to make her feel better. Thankfully, we're both better.
I did this post back in February. I'm reposting because I want this to be a part of the 52 weeks of patterns and if anyone wants to look up the patterns they can just go to all the Fabulous Free Pattern posts. Hopefully, that will make it a little easier. I do have one new thing to add to this post, so read on.

The skirt that you see in this picture is nothing more than a rectangle and has only one seam. Super easy!! This is not a dress,there are two pieces.

The same skirt again in a different fabric and with a different top.

In this picture there are two skirts, one over the other in a contrasting fabric.

If you make two, they can be worn together as in the previous picture or one can be worn as a skirt and the other as a poncho.

Or you can mix and match other fabrics as above. The black that you see above is the sheer fabric that you see below.

To begin, you will need a knit fabric. The fabric does not need to be a two-way stretch fabric, but it will need to stretch in either the lengthwise or crosswise direction. I like knits with a two-way stretch as they seem to work better, but the sheer black fabric pictured above has stretch in only one direction. The stretch will need to go the length of your rectangle.

The measurements are as follows;
For a size small cut the rectangle 54 inches long by 25 inches wide.
For a size medium, cut the rectangle 56 inches long by 25 inches wide.
For a size large, cut the rectangle 58 inches long by 25 inches wide.
The 25 inches is the length that the skirt will be. If you  are rather tall, you can cut the rectangle a little wider. I am 5'6" tall. Take a look at the picture and you can see where it hangs on me so that should give you a good idea of whether you would like to add a little to the length, or take a little off.
After cutting, your first step will be to serge all four edges with a rolled edge. If you don't have a serger, just turn and sew the edges. A little hint, I like to use woolly nylon in my upper and lower looper. It makes a lovely rolled edge.

Once you have finished the edges, bring the long edge over to meet the end of the rectangle. Sew a seam. This can be done with your sewing machine or the serger.

Once the seam has been sewn, the skirt will look something like this. Of course this is paper, so in fabric it will have a nice drape.

After I posted this the first time, my friend Brenda emailed that she couldn't wait to get one done. Doesn't she look wonderful? By the way, I wish everyone could have a Brenda in their life. Such a wonderful friend. I don't know what I did to get so lucky.

So here's the last of my ideas. The piece that you see on top is just another skirt. In order to do this, roll over the top edge and insert a 1/4" piece of elastic. It shouldn't be too tight, just enough to hold it in place. There you have it. I travel with this all the time because the pieces fold flat, weigh nothing, and look really quite nice.
Enjoy! If by chance you do decide to try this, I would love to see your pictures.

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  1. CAn't wait to try this at home tonight!Thanks, Laurie

  2. Thanks for this pattern- it was great fun to whip up. Very satisfying. I'm going to share it with my friend's 13 year old daughter who is interested in learning to sew.
    You are great- thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  3. hy; I think that you are so special!!thanks a lot

  4. What a great pattern for a terrific traveling skirt. Thank you.

    1. I travel quite a bit with this skirt. It is perfect for traveling. Make a couple that coordinate, and you are set. So happy that you like it :)

    2. Rhonda, I was wondering how you finish the top of the skirt?

    3. Hi Alla, the entire skirt is finished with a rolled hem on the serger. There is no waistband.

  5. I'm so going to try one of these! One seam...oh yeah!!!

  6. I am so trying this! This would look fabulous in a stripe.

    1. OMG!!!! A Stripe, great idea! I'm doing it. Thanks for the idea :)

  7. Ciao, Rhonda.
    Thanks for creating and sharing this fabulous pattern!!
    I just made it and added a few changes because I wanted an Argentine tango-style skirt.
    So I decided to wear the tail of the skirt on by back (not on my side like you) and pinched the tail at cm 20 from the waist line and I stiched it to the waist. As my tail was long enough, I now have a skirt with both a tail and a little draping.
    Thanks again and sorry for my poor English. Renata (Italy)

  8. I think Vogue 9305 has been reissued as Vogue 1739.