Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

The Flutter Top
Last week I promised that I would have a very easy pattern this week. It's super easy. Here are the measurements that you will need;
1. Your hip measurement.
2. The length that you would like your top to be.
3. How many inches you would like to add for the flutter (I'll explain below).
 The top is just two rectangles sewn together.
The main body of the top is the width of your hips. I would add at least an inch for ease unless you would like a tighter fit. The piece that you see that drapes off the left should is the flutter. So, whatever your hips measure plus how much you would like for the flutter, or extension and then the length of the top.

To begin, cut two rectangles, one for your front and one for the back. Find the center front on one piece. If your hips measure 40 inches, your front piece would measure 20 inches plus an inch for ease and then maybe another 10 inches for the flutter extension, a total of 31 inches. The center front would be 10 1/2 inches in from the right side. (Remember, the extension is only an extension and not part of the fit of the top.) At center front I came down 1 1/2 inches to form my front neckline. I then measured over approximately 5 inches on either side of my center front mark and drew in a curved line. I did nothing for the back neckline.
To finish the raw edges I simply did a rolled edge finish on my serger. Sew the shoulder seams together and the right side seam. Once these seams have been sewn, turn the top so right sides are out. Lay flat on a table and mark where the seam line will be for the extension. I'm sorry, I left out the opening for your arms. The mark that you see on the right side of the above pattern represents where you would stop sewing for your armhole opening. I also stopped the dotted line at the same measurement. To determine the measurement of your opening, I would sew the shoulder seams and then try on your top and mark where you would like the opening to be.

In order for a belt to go around you waist and allow the flutter to flutter, you will need to create an opening in the stitched line that is on the left side of the top. As you can see from the above picture, I did a very large buttonhole (3 inches) over the stitched line. To determine where you should put the opening, try on the top and make a mark at you waistline.
To make the belt, cut a rectangle twice the width that you would like for your belt to be. As for the length, I would suggest that the belt should go around your waist twice and still be long enough to tie a bow or at least a knot.To determine the length of your belt, use a piece of string.  Once you have your measurement, cut the belt. Fold this piece in half, sew. Leave an opening for turning. After tuning the belt, press and hand sew the opening closed. To determine this measurement, use a piece of string.
So that is it. Super easy, right? I'll wear mine tomorrow and get some pictures that I will post.
Hope you all had a fabulous week and wishing you and even better weekend!

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  1. This looks interesting. I think I'll try it. TFS

  2. I like this! I'd love to try. Will let you know when it happens.

  3. I have just the fabric to make this top/dress up (rawr). Thanks Rhonda:))

  4. This would look super cute with a 2 scarves sewn together.
    Now I have to go find the perfect scarves.

    1. Great idea! Two coordinating scarves would be great. You might want a long rectangular scarf for the belt. Let me see your creation if you do this.

  5. Is it possible to do the rolled edge you talked about on a sewing machine? I don't have a serger.

    1. Yes! You do not need a serger to make the top.