Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Wednesday Showcase

A friend's good fortune is a blessing.
The above quote is from the movie Seven Years In Tibet, and, one of my favorites. This could not be more true today. 

There's a wonderful man who lives in Barcelona, Spain. Creative, kind, and handsome, he is truly one of the last real couturiers, and master pattern makers. 

Social media is a buzz as Francisco Peralta, or Paco, has just released 2 beautiful patterns with Vogue Patterns.

In his traditional, sleek and tailored style, Vogue 1527.

While I enjoy the model pictures, it's the line drawings that I love the most. The pattern features a long jacket/coat, wrap skirt, and a tie blouse. The jacket could easily be shortened to a jacket style. So very versatile. 

The second pattern, and my favorite, Vogue 1526.

The pattern features an over-jacket which could be worn on its own, sleek straight leg pants, and a very sporty top. Take note of the in-seam buttonholes. A trademark of Paco's. He has a beautiful jacket pattern which I've made that has the same feature. You can see the Unique Jacket pattern HERE

For quite a few years, Francisco has been producing the loveliest of patterns. Each pattern is hand drawn by Paco and comes delivered on vellum. A treat for the eyes, hands and mind. 

Below are a few that I have made and love. All can be found in his Etsy shop HERE. I have made the blouse on the right, the draped blouse, a number of times. It's a great, go with anything piece. 

So yes, a friend's good fortune is a gift, a blessing, as Paco's patterns are now available without the high shipping fees from Spain. But, if you don't mind a little splurge, by all means, order one of his original patterns as the experience is well worth the shipping fee. 

I'm looking forward to making up Vogue 1526. It will be the perfect addition to my fall/winter wardrobe.

Congratulations Paco!!! I could not be happier for you.

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  1. WOW, Rhonda what a lovely applause!!! Happy Sewing!!! FIESTA ;)

  2. I purchased both patterns right away.

  3. Thanks Rhonda for showcasing Paco! I can't wait to get my hands on those patterns and especially read the instructions which I'm sure will be like a couture course. Hope you're well!

    1. I'm super excited about the pants and shirt pattern as it's not like any of his other pieces. Thanks for your thoughts. We actually said goodbye to my Little Bit this morning. It's been a very sad day :(

    2. Rhonda, I was so excited to see Paco's patterns at Vogue...thank you for sharing your thoughts. Many hugs for you with Little Bit's passing. I just read something on Facebook about dogs that said when one loves a dog there are many, many days of happiness...and one very sad day. Very true...but it takes many days to grieve for a dog.

    3. Thank you Deborah :) I'm a weepy mess, but the tears are good. They represent all the love I have in my heart. I was so very fortunate to have her.

  4. These patterns are stunning, and quite different to what is already out there. Thank you for sharing.

  5. He deserves the wider recognition. I hope these Vogue patterns are just a start, and lead to great things for him.

  6. You know I love Paco's designs already, we've both made the same patterns - just waiting for Vogue sales to save on postage to UK and then I'm buying both. A good replacement for DK in my European opinion.

    A little bit of brightness this week...

  7. I've also loved Paco's patterns, such a pleasure to work with. I wish him every success on these! I'll be very curious what kind of instructions Vogue has provided in the envelope - the big pattern companies are notorious for cutting down on the designer's instructions, from what I've heard from people like Sandra Betzina.
    My sympathies on Little Bit's passing, Rhonda. So very hard to let go of a furry family member!