Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Wednesday Showcase

So many succumb to the idea that having a blog would be lots of fun, and it is. When I look at my list of blogs that I am following, I'm always a little disheartened by the blogs that have not had a post in over a year. Either they are a little disheartened, or they find out that it can also be a lot of work and give up. 
I especially wanted to showcase this next blog as I think it is such a great idea. It's hosted by a group rather than just one person. They all live in Denver, Colorado, so their proximity to each other is quite helpful. And the nice thing about it is that the entire work of the blog doesn't land on just one person. They call themselves the Denver Sewing Collective and you can find them here, http://denversews.com/
There are 6 ladies in The Denver Sewing Collective. On the side of the blog, you'll find the list of contributors. Just click on their icon and it will take you to all of the posts that this person has done.
I just had to showcase this dress, such a pretty 1940's...1970's dress. She called it her Moby Dick of a dress. Click HERE and you can read the entertaining story that I'm sure we can all relate to.
Each person brings something unique to the table. Love these organizers.
And aren't these little train cases cute?!!
One of the ladies took this beautiful silk panel from Anna Sui...
 And made this gorgeous kimono. 
Check out the beautiful stitching detail. Is that inspiring or what?
They even had a challenge where each person had to show their sewing space. This one is so compact, but so perfect. I think I need to have her come help me organize!!!

If you've thought about a blog, but are a little intimidated by the work, maybe team up with a few friends. It'll spread out the work and make it fun for all. Did you notice that The Denver Sewing Collective has a dynamite logo? The scissors forming a mountain is genius! 

Next up is a very energetic young woman. Her name is Helen and her blog is simply, Helen's Closet. Cute! 
She recently took a trip to Mexico with her family and they camped on a beach!!!! I am not a camper, so this seems a little incredible to me, but it looks like they had so much fun. And what does someone who sews do to prepare for their trip? Why make new outfits of course!
Helen made this adorable swimsuit. So perfect for Mexico. She actually made 2, so check out her blog to see the other.
She drafted and made a new pair of culottes for the trip. If it were me camping, I know I would not look so well put together.
This was not for her trip, but I thought it really nice and that you might like to see it. It's the Cascade Duffle Coat from Grainline Studios. Love the treatment along the zipper.
Helen also has a pattern out, and it's free!!! The bag features a snap closure or a flap. She hosted a sew along recently and you can find all of the posts HERE. Just click HERE to get the pattern. All you'll need to do is sign up for her newsletter.  

So once again, so much inspiration on the Wednesday Showcase. 
If you have a number of friends that you can pair up with to do a blog, I hope you will. I think this is just the best idea. Great for any sewing group too!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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  1. It's interesting to watch what's happening in the blogosphere. Comments have decreased and blog readership seems to be decreasing. I think comments have decreased because more and more people read blogs on phones or phablets and it's harder to comment. Also, the rise of Instagram seems to be drawing bloggers *and* blog readers. I enjoy Instagram--it's different than a blog, but I still love blogging. It will be interesting to watch these trends over time.

  2. Such great two Showcases. I always look forward to Wednesdays on your blog...Thank you!

  3. What a great idea, to make blogging a cooperative effort! And I love Helen's travel wardrobe...great finds in your Wednesday line up as usual. Thanks!

    1. I think the idea of a group of friends getting together and developing a blog is such a great idea and gives them a focus when they get together. We benefit from a little of what everyone's does. IAren't Helen's suits adorable?!!