Monday, November 9, 2015

The Upline Jacket Week Three and I Need Your Voice

A very happy start to a new week!
I'm just a bit behind, so I decided to flip my posts. Rather than announce the new Upline Jacket post tomorrow, I'm announcing it today. I will post the new skirt drafting instructions tomorrow.
You can find the new Upline Jacket post HERE.
I am super excited about how my new Upline Jacket is turning out. What a lovely piece. Last Saturday I gave you a little sneak peek at the side seams. Absolutely beautiful! I especially love how the pocket seems to just melt into the princessline seam.
Just to punch it up a bit, I added bound buttonholes to my back belt.
It's just one of those small touches that makes a garment special.
 The back of the jacket. So graceful. The curved lines give the appearance of a thin waist!
 As you can see, there's a lot of topstitching on this jacket. 
 A little peek inside to see the lining. Pretty :)
You may have noticed that this sew along and the last sew along for the Grainline Studio Posrtside Travel Collection did not have the accompanying videos. Did you miss them? Do you think the videos add to the sew along? If so, I need you to let Sew News know. Just go to THIS WEEK'S POST, leave a message and let them know that you want the videos. 

Would you like to see a video on making bound buttonholes? Leave a message here on this post and let me know.

Wishing you a lovely week!

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  1. Aw, it looks so perfect! Love the bound buttonholes :) I've found some good tutorials around, but one more can't hurt. Maybe you have a trick that is new to us ;)

  2. This is really coming along beautifully Rhonda!

  3. There are just so many gorgeous details on this coat! The pockets, topstitching, buttons, and THAT LINING!!! Everything is adding up to one spectacular garment.

  4. Wow, so beautiful. I love the fabric and the lining together. I would really like to see a bound buttonhole video. They are a bit scary. Xx

  5. You do such beautiful work, and you HAVE a really small waist - you're wise to accentuate it! It's always such a joy to see what you're accomplishing - you're very gifted, and madly patient.

  6. Very pretty. The pattern envelope is not very appealing yet you make such lovely garments. You can see beyond what is given.

  7. I would LOVE to have tutorial on making bound buttonholes! Love this pattern! Love your work!

  8. Oh so beautiful, Rhonda. I agree with Vicki - you can see beyond what is given. You have such a gift! A video for the bound buttonholes would be wonderful, your technique and explanation is excellent.

  9. This is really a lovely pattern. Love those bound buttonholes!

  10. Hi Rhona - love all your tutorials however I do think videos enhance them Would Love a toot on bound buttonholes !
    Cheers W.W.

  11. O believe those are the most beautiful bound buttonholes I've every seen, Rhonda!!

  12. Beautifully neat coat and I have to say that you have elevated the original pattern to dizzying heights

  13. Gorgeous buttonholes!! I've never made bound buttonholes and would love some video instruction....

  14. Your coat is beautiful! I would love to see how you make the bound buttonholes as your look flawless!
    Thank you

  15. Rhonda,
    Everything about your coat is beautiful
    Do I ever want a video on bound buttonholes..............I am always researching the various methods for bound buttonholes and would adore a video from you on your method..................absolutely perfect!
    I am getting dizzy also searching out( and failing) a video or very clear instructions on how to complete a double welt pocket, which I know is really an extension of bound buttonholes...........BUT, and its a big one............I am wanting to work on V8890 as a tailoring challenge for me and this gentlemans suit pattern has the welt pocket spread over two pattern pieces and of course, has the obligatory dart that runs into the top welt, just to add to the fun of it all. Nowhere seems to cover this, books, u tube etc all leave well alone with this one!!

    By the way, your lining is spectacular and the colour of your coat is just gorgeous; the colour will suit you so well.