Thursday, November 19, 2015

Finishing The Upline Jacket

The final post for the Square One Upline Jacket sew along is up and you can find it HERE
I am so pleased with the finished jacket. It's sleek and lovely from the front, and soft and feminine from the back. Just an all around lovely jacket. 
I used a Riri zipper that I purchased from Pacific Trimming. It's my first Riri zipper and I think I'm hooked. What a lovely zipper. 
Of course, the zipper plays center stage in this jacket, so having it match up correctly is vitally important. Just follow the instructions and you'll have a beautifully inserted and matching zipper. 
Thanks so much for following along. I hope you've enjoyed the sew along. I feel like I'm the real winner as I ended up with 2 fabulous new jackets!
If you have not purchased a pattern, but feel you would like to give the jacket a go, you can find the pattern HERE
Good Luck with your jackets!

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  1. Gorgeous Rhonda!! I just adore the back. Beautiful work.

  2. So pretty! Love it! I have done some serious in-depth zipper explorations, and have found RiRi zippers to be great, as are Lampo Zippers from Botani Trimming. I'm making a jacket right now, that I expect will be finished tomorrow, and the zipper quest was insane, but worth it! There will be pictures on my blog, if I can remember!

  3. What a gorgeous jacket ! And I agree. The back is lovely.

  4. Lovely, feminine coat, Rhonda. It will be marvelous with your coloring.

  5. Once you try a Riri, you'll never use anything else. You will appreciate this for so many years to come.
    Totally gorgeous, I love the collar.

    1. The coat is even sweeter on as it feels like a hug from a friend :)

  6. I've visited this post half a dozen times since you put it up, just to admire this incredible coat. It has to be my favorite, ever. The fabric, color, style, and now the amazing zipper... everything adds up to perfection. You wouldn't by any chance want to give it to me would you? LOL

    To be honest it doesn't look anything like the original pattern, which is a fun thing about pattern hacking. You can get so many incredibly different looks from one starting point. This is the ultimate demonstration of that. Thanks for the sew a long and the beautiful inspiration.

  7. Gorgeous, Rhonda! Absolutely stunning!