Tuesday, September 1, 2020

One Year Challenge

A few days ago a comment was left on an Instagram post about my shoe collection. What struck me as I read the comment was that when I was growing up, I never had more than 1 pair of shoes. At one point all the girls were getting these gorgeous patent leather shoes that were cut low into the toe area. I so wanted a pair. When my cousin who is quite a bit older than me came out dressed for her prom, she took my breath away. The dress was so pretty, but what I focused on was the shoes. They had the sweetest cutouts on the sides. Years later, I told my cousin how I loved every detail of her prom outfit, but the shoes!!!, and I went on to describe them. She was shocked as she had forgotten the details. I dreamed that I would one day have lovely shoes. When I read that comment, a dream that I had forgotten about came back to me, and I realized that the dream came true. 

I'm still behind with catching up on my 1 Year Challenge here on the blog, but I'm working on it :)

 August 3rd...

I made this outfit last year. It was part of a challenge that Becky of Trial Balloons and I did. I used antique kimono pieces to create the top. It's a favorite for sure! I used the free Chelsea Linen Raglan Tee pattern from fabrics-store.com for the top. The pants were made with the free pajama pant pattern from Martha Stewart.   

In the video you'll see that I added pockets to the back of the pants.

I somehow managed to delete the video I did for this outfit. The pants are from Paprika Patterns. The tee is from Pattern Union and it's the Molly Tee that I have made many, many times :) The tee really offers itself to using scraps as I did with the flower print on the back.

The next day I was out flying. I found myself in Superior, WI of all places. I can now say that I have seen Lake Superior. They had this enormous float plane on display. Of course I HAD to take a picture!!! I'm wearing the self-drafted pants that I had worn a week or so before. 


Just to give you an idea of how enormous this plane really is. What a thrill it would be to climb into something like this and be behind the controls!!! 

This dress is from Islander Sewing. I used the Easy V Express Top to create the dress.  

It's a swishy, fun dress to wear :) 

Next up is a piece that I did for a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post. The fabric is from Africa and it comes printed in a large rectangle. To create the top, I cut out the center medallion, and then sewed up the sides leaving openings for my arms, and added an elastic at the waist. Soooo simple!

Another piece I did for a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post. I called it a Skulotte as it's really a cross between a skirt and a culotte. I paired it with a top I made using an out of print Vogue pattern, and a sash I made to go with a different skirt. 

The next day was Sunday, and it was hot, so we got out on the boat. I did this swimsuit for a Sew News article and sew along. It's the Soma Swimsuit from Papercut Patterns.

I paired it with a cover up I made for a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post. 

This dress began life like....... 

This! I bought it at a resale shop because I really liked the fabric. But, it was not something I would wear as it was. So, I turned it upside down, cut the ruffle off, and opened the sides. Now I love it!!!

Yet again, a piece I did for a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post. I called it the Magic Rectangle Dress as it's just 2 long rectangles.

The magic is in the 5 rows of  shirring that give fit over the bust.  

So, that will do it for my little dog and pony show ;)

I'm so grateful to be reminded of something that was so dear to my heart as a child. I think that all too often we can get caught up in our day to day living, and we just overlook dreams that have come to pass in our lives. Yes, a reminder is a gift too.


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  1. I remember your Chelsea tee challenge
    It was so inspirational. I downloaded and made the Chelsea tee.
    I had to adjust the front seamline.
    I lengthened it a bit, added side slits, and some hand embroidery around the slits.
    Thank you again for the inspiration.

  2. So many gorgeous outfits! It's been a while since I made anything to wear, but you are getting me fired up to try again.
    Your shoes coordinate for each outfit perfectly :)