Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Wednesday Showcase

Have you ever had a dream where you dream about something and think it's real, only to wake up and be disappointed that it was a dream?  I had that happen last night. I dreamed that I had this lovely garden room and in it were the loveliest hanging glass ornament/sculptures. Then I awoke and found out that this beautiful place only lived in my mind :( Now if someone could interpret my dream!!!, I would love to know what it meant as the dream was so beautiful. At the very least, it's nice to dream of beautiful things :)

I haven't done a Wednesday Showcase post for a few weeks, so we are due. As always, I have some wonderfully talented ladies to introduce to you. 

First up is Zoubi Zoubisou (cute), and you can find her blog HERE. She is French, but is currently living in Vancouver, B.C. She loves vintage, especially the 1940's-60's. And a little side note, she posts fabulous pictures.

She has truly found a style that works perfectly for her as everything she makes looks just so cute on her.

Just had to include her wedding picture. Of course she made the dress. Here's wishing them many, many happy years together.

This is a Burda Style dress. I just might have to give this one a try. 

And as you all know, I'm just a sucker for a picture of a girl and her dog :) Not only is the dog adorable, the dress is super sweet as well. Be sure to pop over and check out Zoubi Zoubisou's other makes. I think you'll enjoy seeing what she does.

Next up is Iris and she lives in Sweden. She loves to sew and she too has a love of vintage clothing. In fact, she has taken the 2016 vintage pledge. You can find her blog HERE.

As I scrolled through Iris' blog, I immediately fell in love with this skirt. Love everything about it.

 It's from Burda and here's the inspiration picture.

The blouse below is from a pattern company that I had never heard of, Record. I love how something so vintage can look so now. 

Another Burda pattern. Love the pants. And get this, she basically just made them and slipped them on. I call those magic pants!!! 

And finally, I just had to include this sweet picture. The pattern matching deserves to be celebrated. Such a beautiful job.

Well, I think these two ladies are sending us off dreaming of wonderful projects to make :) 

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love it when you showcase other bloggers! Thank you so much, Rhonda.

    1. Thanks :) It's one of my favorite things to do.

  2. You're so good at finding new bloggers. I love these posts

  3. Such wonderful inspiration! Your always find the best blogs....thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Rhonda! I've enjoyed meeting these "new to me" sewing sisters very much!

  5. Hi Rhonda! Thank you so much for featuring my blog in your Wednesday Showcase! Such an honour! It absolutely made my day! (actually my week :)) Your blog is amazing. You're doing great things for seamstresses around the world :) Thank You! Happy sewing! -zoubi zoubisou

    1. Truly my pleasure :) It was such a delight to go through your blog and discover what you do.

  6. What beautiful blogs and garments. Thanks for sharing these. Xx

  7. Hello Rhonda, thank you for showcasing my blog, what a nice surpise! I really enjoy discovering new blogs myself and feel honoured that you chose to include me in your series. Have a great weekend! Iris