Sunday, June 5, 2016

Eating For Your Future/Summer Farro Salad

The last month has been one of those, "oh great, what now?," kind of months. It began when I blew a tire while landing the airplane and ever since, it has been one thing after another. Just a few days ago we found that we were lucky that our house didn't burn down, truly. My husband had gone upstairs to find that 2 rooms were without electricity. The electrician came and found that 2 wires had actually caught fire in the wall. Thankfully, that's all that was burned, but even the electrician said that it was a miracle that the house didn't catch fire. As upsetting as all the events have been, the best way to look at it all is....we're still here :) 

I have the BEST salad recipe to share with you. It's not just a salad, but a meal in a bowl. One of the key ingredients is Farro. It's typically grown in the northern regions of Italy. Farro is an ancient grain, a type of wheat, so while not gluten free, it contains large amounts of fiber, magnesium, and is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E.

I found the salad posted on Design Sponge this past Friday and I could not wait to make it. Neither of us were disappointed. Not only does it taste great, it looks just so pretty! This is Allison Hooper's Farro Salad and you can find the recipe HERE.

The changes I made;

*The recipe calls for fresh goat cheese, I used fresh feta.  
*Rather than peas, I used Edamame.
*I did not zest the lemon for the salad dressing, in fact, I was super lazy. Rather than mix the salad ingredients, I simply squeezed a lemon over the prepared salad and then sprinkled the olive oil over the salad. I then tossed the salad and served it. And as I said, we loved it! 

I did toast slivered almonds as a topping and I'm so glad that I did, Added a great toasty touch.

You can cook the farro ahead of time and then quickly mix up the salad for a week night meal. 

By all means, give this recipe a try. If you like the ingredients seperately, you'll love them all mixed together!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I am so glad for you that the electrician discovered the fault in the wiring. That is exactly what caused our house fire in 1962. The structure was salvageable as only the upper level of our split level was involved, but the fire did migrate into the attic and destroyed all our family photos. For me that was the greatest loss; that and my baby cap and little dress. They were tiny and handmade as I weighed only 4 lbs when I, a premie, was born. I knew you could handle the blown tire.

    1. Thanks for your vote of confidence :) Just so much has happened recently and I'm tired. But I am so grateful that it was just a couple of burned wires and not an entire house.

  2. Oh my goodness! Electrical problems sure are scary. I'm so glad you guys are safe!
    I'm going to have to find some of that faro, is the texture like quinoa?

    1. Farro is larger than quinoa and is much chewier. I love it for breakfast too.

  3. So glad that you and hubby are all okay. Mum had an electrical fire at her house and although no one was hurt the place was gutted. It is the small things like photos that you miss. Salad looks great. I had never heard for Faro. Xx

    1. We are so very grateful.
      The farro may be a little difficult to find, but well worth the effort.

  4. Thank God for Goodness and Mercy that are always following us O:) He is a PROTECTOR!!! Your salad looks yummy!!!! :)