Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration/Andrew GN

"We need happy clothing."
Andrew GN

There's one thing I always look forward to on Wednesday morning. As you know, I love to laugh, and I know that every Wednesday morning there is going to be a little email that will lead me to a post that's always a lot of fun and that's Wearable Wednesday from Pretty Grievances. Her imaginative wit is incomparable. If you love to laugh, or just be shocked, be sure to check out her Wearable Wednesday posts if you haven't done so already.
The Wearable Wednesday posts typically showcase some of the worst ideas in fashion. But last week, that wasn't the case. I had not heard of Andrew GN and from what I saw, I wanted to know more. So off I went to search for the collection. Everything I saw was beautiful, from embroideries to a wonderful mix of patterns and fabrics. This collection is from his Resort 2016 line. Sadly, I wasn't able to find a video of the fashion show, but I did find a video of  his Spring/Summer 2015 collection. It's fresh and to quote Andrew, it's "happy clothing."
So take a look. I am absolutely infatuated with his coats.

The front panels on the coat below would make for a fun piecing project.

This baseball jacket below with the lace accents is fresh, feminine, and I want one!
And now for a little evening gown amazement.

You can find more of the line HERE on Style.com.
And take a look at the video below. It's only a little over 4 minutes long, so it won't take a lot of time, and you can fast forward through the initial makeup section. Some great skirts and lovely embroideries.

Now, go throw on something happy and make it a great week!

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  1. Jeez....that grey and yellow dress!! Swoon!
    I would be totally happy in that dress, unlike the model ;)

  2. I'm glad someone in featuring beautiful embroideries, although that is not in my comfort zone. It seems to me that the more expensive the clothing, the sadder/more somber the models look. When the clothes are less expensive, such as in some catalogs, the models have bright, happy faces.

    1. I think that the high end designers feel that a happy model, one with expressions takes away from the clothes. Clearly that isn't the case as a number of people have commented on the lack luster expression on the model's face. To be honest, I really didn't pay attention. I was just looking at the garments!!! Oh well :)

  3. I also love these beautiful embroideries and fabrics. What a nice collection!

    And you're right, the sarcastic wit of Wearable Wednesday is the best part of midweek :)

    1. *adding a note that Andrew Gn's new Spring 2016 collection is posted at vogue.com and it is also just gorgeous. Feminine and wearable!

    2. I just took a look....WOW!!! Thanks so much for sending the link as I may have missed it. There are so many fantastic details in this collection. I think I may use it for the next MMI post. Thanks again.

  4. Oh I love "Wearable Wednesdays", they are always so funny. I loved this collection. The coats are amazing, that embroidery. So colourful and so lovely. The model really doesn't look to happy. I would have been ecstatic in those clothes. Xx

  5. I'm equally infatuated by the coats - they could be worn by women of any age.

  6. Gorgeous garments that whilst we could interpret them ourselves they would take an age with all the embroidery.
    I agree with you - Anne's pose on Wednesday is a real boost to the day. Just don't try to drink at the same time. Messy!

  7. Fantastic collection, love the embroidering and colours.

  8. What a gorgeous collection, so very pretty and interesting. Why is it I can love these designs on others but can't imagine them on me?! Thanks so much for sharing Rhonda.