Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Make a Dopp Bag That Will Not Only Impress Your Friends, But Even You!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
I am actually on Monhegan Island, Maine this week and loving every minute of being here. We are having the most incredible weather. I'm hiking, going to yoga classes and knitting. I'll post a little more about my experience here tomorrow.
As you know, the current sew along for Sew News is the Grainline Studio Portside Travel Set. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am hooked on making the dopp bag. It is such a fun project and so gratifying. I have now made 2 and I just can't help but admire my work!!! So if nothing more, give the dopp bag a try.
I used a faux leather for the first dopp bag that I made. A great material to use as you won't worry about sitting the bag on a wet surface since you can just wipe it dry.
I decided to use leather for my second dopp bag. I had both the leather and the Amy Butler home dec print. I think I must have been a cowboy in another life as I love my boots and I love distressed leather!
The sew along begins with the pouch as it is so very easy to make and a great place to start and build confidence if you've never made a bag like this before. From the pouch, we move directly into the dopp bag.
You can find the sew along post HERE on the Sew News blog. Next week we'll jump into making the duffle bag. It too is fun to make, but there's just something special about the dopp bag. Make one and you'll see ;)  

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  1. Lovely.., I want to make them too.

  2. To funny calling it a Dopp bag. I was in the Navy during Vietnam and through boot camp we carried a similar bag on our inside forearm. We held the handle in our hand and laid the bag on the arm. I was so happy when we graduated to real uniforms and could carry a real purse - regulation only please, on the left shoulder so we could salute with the right hand. We called our bag a 'ditty' bag. Might be fun to make one I actually like. Karen in Illinois

    1. I love your story Karen! Thanks so much for sharing it :)

  3. I think this will work at replacing the little "dopp" bag which came with my cheap suitcase purchase while on a fabric buying trip. I ended up not able to pack all my fabric finds in my one suitcase, without going over the limit. I took this little bag with me on the plane. That was a year ago...it has since become my constant travel companion. I'd say it's time for another, in my choice of colors.

  4. Isn't Maine wonderful? We didn't make it this summer but that will change next year as my sis is moving back there with family. I LOVE Maine.

    Love these bags. I''ve made one way back when but this one is a bit boxier and I like that. I may give this a try. Thanks, Rhonda.

  5. Hi Rhonda, I mailed you this week about the buttonhole I had made inspired by your post about bound buttonholes. I hope you got the message.

  6. I think these bags are just great and I have been saving up remnant pieces to make some for gifts...now I need to just get to it! Thanks for the inspiration...yours are lovely!