Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eating For Your Future/Quinoa and Black Bean Vegetable Salad

A few months ago, I received a lovey email message from Diane of www.rememberingoz.blogspot.com. She knows how much I enjoy quinoa, as well as a healthy dish in general, so she thought that  might enjoy the dish that I'm sharing with you today. I think Diane must know me well as I REALLY did enjoy it and my husband did too!
Quinoa and Black Bean Vegetable Salad

4 tablespoons fresh lime juice or juice of 2 limes
1/3 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 minced garlic clove
1/3 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon fresh minced cilantro

mix all ingredients together and set aside

Salad Mix
1 cup quinoa(cook according to package directions)
14 oz. can black beans drained and rinsed
1 red bell pepper chopped
1/4 cup cilantro finely chopped
2 green onions chopped
1 1/2 cups fresh corn(I sliced mine off the cobb)
1 small avocado chopped

Cook quinoa and allow to cool. Combine all other ingredients. Add quinoa once it  has cooled. Stir in dressing and serve.

The only changes I made to the recipe was to add more green onions and I also chopped up 2 jalapeno peppers and added them to the mixture. I like spice!!
The salad will keep well for lunches, in fact, it's probably better the second day as the flavors have had time to mingle. The salad is also wonderful on a bed of your favorite lettuce. Maybe add some sliced avocado and sliced tomatoes and you'll have a wonderful main dish salad.
Thanks so much for the recipe Diane! I think it will become a go to recipe in my house.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did if you give it a try.

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  1. That looks delicious, however, I have yet to try quinoa. After looking at your dish... I must try it.

    1. It really is good and so good for you. Hope you do give it a try :)

  2. Awe....I'm so glad that you and hubby enjoyed it. Like you I add jalape├▒os too....almost suggested this since your a Texas gal too.

    1. A good Texas girl can't sit down to eat without her peppers ;) Thanks so much for the recipe. It's a great one!

  3. Looks so yummy! The fresh corn available here in Oregon is perfect right now, so I'm going to try this recipe this week! Thanks for sharing...

    1. I cut my corn tight off of the Cobb and didn't cook it. While the corn is especially fresh and sweet, it's great raw. Hope you enjoy the salad.

  4. Just had this for dinner!
    I'm trying to Eat to Live and this salad fits the bill perfectly - left out the salt and olive oil. I also left out the corn (carbs!) and I only had a can of black eyed peas in the cupboard. But I added Little Gem lettuce and chopped tomatoes and like yourself, I added chopped green chilli. Lovely and I couldn't eat it all!
    PS. and just to make sure?
    Green onions = scallions
    Cilantro = coriander
    Jalapenos = chilli

    Thank you Rhonda, these recipes are really useful.

    1. You are truly the mother of invention­čśŐ
      You have the equivalents correct. Jalape├▒os are a chili, just a certain type. As long as you're looking for a bit of spice, whatever you typically like will be fine. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Made this last night to serve tonight (so it could meld in the fridge). Good! before serving, squeezed more fresh lime on top. MMM-even better! Only thing, should have halved the recipe--will be eating for several days. Of course I may have messed up on the quinoa. I cooked a full cup of dry so it made lots and lots of cooked. Whatever, I still like it and will make again (just not so much). thanks for sharing!

    1. I actually measured a dry cup of quinoa too. It does make up a good bit, but I knew we would enjoy it for lunch during the week. If you use less quinoa, you'll have a little more of a vegetable salad, and that's fine too :) Glad you enjoyed it.

    2. I'll just half the whole recipe so all the ingredient amounts will still be proportionate. DH seldom eats lunch so that's why I need to reduce the whole amount. ;)