Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Wednesday Showcase

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!! I think I say that just about every week :) It's a gorgeous day here in Chicago, not as warm as it was over the weekend, but a bright blue sky, so what's not to make one happy?!!!
For the Wednesday Showcase, I typically showcase lesser known blogs, but today I thought I would showcase and give a shout out to 2 blogs that are more on the power house side. Both started following my humble little site not so long ago, so I thought a shout out would be in order and who knows, you may not know them, we can't know everybody, so they just might be new to you.

First up is Carolyn from http://sewingfantaticdiary.blogspot.com/ Her blog is named appropriately as she really does love to sew. She also loves fashion and taking chances. Check out this inspiration photo.

And now her very fashion forward creation.
Carolyn works in an office setting. so she makes lots of dresses, skirts and cardigans. Yes, that's cardigan sweaters and she does one incredible job.  You must check out her posts on her cardigan sweaters. They are truly an inspiration.
She also enjoys adding interesting details to her garments. 
 Carolyn loves her grandbabies.
and her shoes!!! She has an incredible shoe wardrobe :)
In the off chance that you haven't checked out Carolyn's blog, please do so. You'll find lots of fitting advice (Carolyn shares a wealth of information) and a woman who just loves to sew and wear pretty clothes.  

Our second power house of the day is Oonaballoona of http://www.oonaballoona.com/ She's so much fun, and like Carolyn, loves beautiful clothes. Oona also loves taking on a challenge and fabulous pictures.
Check out this "don't mess with me" vest. Great pattern. It's Burda! 
As I said, she has such fun with her pictures.
Check out this dress, demur and proper from the front,
and a little surprise in the back!! Oona does like surprises!
 Here's a capsule of some of the fun pieces she did in 2014.
Oona is part of the Mood Sewing Network. She's competed on Project Sewn and she was one of Burda's top 50 bloggers. So like I said, in the off chance that you have not bumped into Oona in the past, be sure to pop over to her blog as you'll be in for a treat.

Another Wednesday Showcase post comes to an end. I'm off to work on some fun projects and I hope you are as well.
Have a wonderful day!!!

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  1. Yes! Your showcased bloggers are two of my favorites! Karen

  2. i am so honored to be featured on your blog with one of the best ladies i am so lucky to know, CAROLYN!

    your posts truly inspire me, and you nailed things about me that i couldn't even put into words before reading it here :). thank you lovely lady!

    1. You are too sweet :) This is truly my pleasure!!

  3. Both great blogs that I read often. Love Oona's style and fabric choices and Carolyn always makes great workwear. Xx

  4. They certainly are powerhouses! Both truly magnificent.

  5. Great ladies !! I know their blogs for some time ago and enjoy of their sewing adventures.

  6. These are both great sewists and bloggers. They inspire.

  7. Thanks for the mention along with the amazing Oonaballoona who is my friend in real life! It is an honor to be mentioned and I appreciate it. Thanks again!