Friday, September 5, 2014

One Incredible Sleeve at the American Sewing Expo

In my last post I told you that I've been busy working on projects. Sadly a few I can't share with you for a while...and I wish I could as oh my goodness was I ever happy with how they worked out!! But February will roll around much faster than we would like, and then the big reveal will happen :)
Now, for the next project that I'm working away on. This is a throw back to my costume designing days. I must admit, it's a lot of fun. I'm on the schedule to teach an all day class at The American Sewing Expo in Novi called, Incredible Sleeves and More.
So here's the first sneak peek.

The sleeve will be wired and a stay will be added to the interior of the lower section.
The pattern for the upper portion of the sleeve looks like this. Such fun!
I will share more of the dress that will be attached to the sleeve as I get it done.
In the meantime, if you are going to the expo, or have been thinking about it and you would like to learn to build something truly over the top, you can find my class on the 5th page of the brochure and it's number 20H12_TH.

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  1. Interesting fabric choice for that sleeve! It must be quite a dress!
    Wish I could join you in Novi to take your classes and a few others, but I have another commitment this year.

  2. Looks like a fabulous flamenco dress sleeve!

  3. This is exquisite. Love the shape and the fabric. You are truly the mistress of sleeves! Xx