Monday, September 29, 2014

Me Made Mondays

I'm finding more and more that I like structure and it feels so good to get back to a normal routine! I'm all for spontaneity, and I think it's great for creativity, but there's something to be said for routine.
As I shared with you last week, Marina of Farbjous Couture will no longer be doing the Me Made Monday posts and link ups, but she gave me permission to take over. So for the next year, I'll be doing a Me Made Monday post and I invite you to link up. The rules are simple, just wear one garment each week that you've made and post it. Simple! The garment doesn't even have to be worn on Monday! I really like this idea as it will give us all an opportunity to share our Me Mades through out the year and if you want to do the marathon Me Made May...all the better! So I hope you'll join along. 
You may remember what I'm wearing today from this Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post. It's basically just a rectangle with rectangular arms. 
The dress is very comfortable to wear and yes, I do have matching shoes!!
The ties are a faux stretch leather and I also trimmed the hem of the skirt with the faux leather. I thought it worked with the animal print.
Be sure to click on the link and add your pictures. I look forward to seeing what your wearing!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Gail. The ties are rather eye catching as the move when I walk!

  2. Love the use of the faux leather ~ definitely suits the fabric! And those shoes are just toooooo good ... J

  3. The shoes are fun! I actually found them, never worn, in a resale shop. Lucky me!!

  4. Leopard print is truly a classic, as is your beautiful dress. Love the matching shoes. xx

    1. I've really enjoyed wearing this dress, it's rather effortless. Always good :)

  5. I must have missed Marina's Me Made Mondays, but I am totally gonna join you for this. Must remember to take a photo during my week to post on a Monday. Yay!

  6. That dress looks fun, especially in that print, Rhonda. Thanks for hosting this party.