Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coming Up On The Blog

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Tuesday!! I'm feeling more myself once again. Amazing what a little extra sleep can do for you :)
I just quickly wanted to give you a little idea of the projects that will be coming up on the blog in the next few weeks.
1. Ribbon Weaving

The class on ribbon weaving went very well. I was so happy that everyone was able to leave with their sampler pieces. They all asked for a written tutorial, so I thought that if I am going to do the tutorial, it would be nice to share it with everyone.
2. The Collar Drafting Tutorial

So many messaged me about this collar and said that they would love a drafting tutorial. I'm really looking forward to this particular post.
3. Bias Cut Blueprints

A few years back, I was asked to judge a contest for the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals. I came across a dress that was cut on the bias and it had these incredible insets. The dress was absolutely perfect. The judging is blind and the initial round is done on the internet, Finalists are chosen and then the final decision is made at the conference. We were supposed to have a dressform for judging, but for whatever reason, we didn't, so the editor of Threads magazine looked at me and said, "you can wear all of these garments so we'll use you as a model." When I put this bias dress on, I was in LOVE! What an incredible dress. I fought hard for that dress to be a winner. Little did I know that it belonged to Julianne Bramson of Fashion In Harmony. As fate would have it, we met at a class in San Francisco a few years later. Since then we have become friends. She has recently published a book, Bias Cut Blueprints and she gave me a copy to critique. I am SUPER excited. I already know which project will be my first.
4. Our Pant Drafting posts.
Finally....I'm so happy to be getting back to this project. The next post will be up later this afternoon. Once we draw in the darts and true the legs, we'll be ready to cut out the pants and start fitting.
5. The new issue of Sew News is out and I have a new sew along that will be coming up. I think you'll like it, it's another really great bag. I'll announce it tomorrow and of course there will be a give away attached, so be sure to check back.

So, a fairly full agenda :), but a good one I think.

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  1. Wow, some toothsome goodies are coming our way! Thanks for your generous sharing!

  2. Cant wait for all these wonderful things. Really want to see how to do the collar.

  3. Rhonda.
    You are such an inspiration. Thankyou for sharing all your very interesting projects and information with us.
    Cathy White (New Zealand)

  4. Looking forward to collar drafting. Such scope for creativity.