Friday, March 14, 2014

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

I have wanted to get this dress made for some time. It's just simple rectangular shapes with drawstrings to give it shape. I'm calling it 
All Tied Up In A "T"
The dress is a simple "T" shape with 3 rows of casings for the drawstrings. 
A close up of the midriff area.
Without the drawstrings for shape, the dress looks like this. Okay for a nightgown, but nothing you would want to wear on the street
The dress is very simple to draft. You will need these measurements;
1. Hip measurement, add 2" for ease
2. length of arm from neck to wrist
3. desired length of dress. This would work well as a tunic, so you might want to go with a shorter style.
    Remember, the gathering of the drawstrings will bring the length up, so you will need to add to your length     measurement, I suggest at least 3". You can always cut off any extra.
To draft the pattern, begin by drawing a line the length of your arm. Determine how wide you would like your sleeve to be and draw a vertical line down from the desired sleeve length line. Notice that my sleeve is not a very full sleeve.
Determine the length of the dress and mark this on your paper. Divide your hip measurement plus ease by 4. Draw a vertical line up from the hemline 1/4th of your hip measurement with ease added.  
For my neckline, I measured over 5" from the center and down 5". Connect these points with a smooth curved line.
 The back of this garment is exactly the same as the front except for the neckline. Measure over 5" and 1 1/2" down. Connect these points with a smooth curved line.
Be sure to add seam allowance to all seams before cutting out your pattern.
Once cut, sew the shoulder seams and the side seams. Try the dress on and mark where you would like for the first casing to be placed under the bust. Cut strips for the casing and sew to the dress. Once you have sewn in the under bust casing, try the dress on once again and determine the waistline casing and the hip casing.
My fabric was not wide enough for the entire length of my arm. Not a problem, I just simply added a cuff to the end of the sleeve.
I suggest adding a piece of elastic to the under bust casing. This will help to hold dress comfortably to your body.
I made my dress out of a lightweight sweater knit. I suggest using a knit fabric.
I need to have a Friday fashion show as there are a number of pieces that I've made and I've only shown them to you on my little friend. I'll do that soon.  
Hope your last day of the week is off to a good start!

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  1. How easy and cute. I'm trying to figure out what is showing below your cuff. From here it almost looks like some form of torture equipment..........I'm sure it's nothing like that. ;)

    1. Which picture? Are you talking about the one with my hand in the cuff?? I do have some boney hands, but I've never used them for torture ;)

    2. I thought so, too, until I realized (I think) it's the background light behind Rhonda's fingers. The background light looked to me like long stainless claws! LOL!

      Happy highways,

    3. I sorta see it now. When you know what you're looking at, it's difficult to see anything more. I have not grown stainless claws...yet!!!!!

  2. Lol. I had to take a double take too.