Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sleeves On Saturdays

I am doing a repeat of a previous sleeve for two reasons. First of all, Chris who did the Psychedelic Circle Sleeve,    has also created a few more as it turns out, and I always love to show off everyone's work, so this is my opportunity. The second reason is because I was asked specifically to post a picture of me in the sleeve since I did not when I initially posted the instructions.
Below is a picture of the Cowl Draped Sleeve. You can find the instructions here,  http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2012/03/sleeves-on-saturdays_31.html
Below are two pictures of Chris' rendition of the sleeve. She left the cowl out for a little different effect.
I absolutely love the fabric she used. Chris told me that she purchased it from Emma One Sock in 2011. Bummer!! My sleeve has a rather light and feminine feel because of the fabric. Chris' top, although the exact same sleeve, has a much more edgier feel to it. So depending upon your choice of fabric, the same sleeve can take on very different feel.
When I initially created the top, I used my scraps and created this skirt which we had did for a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post. You can find that post here, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2012/04/fabulous-free-pattern-friday.html
I have since taken the yoke off the skirt and attached the lower portion to my top. A little confession here, I can be quite lazy about dressing, believe it or not!! I really like to wear dresses as there are fewer pieces to put on and I can get dressed very quickly. Oh the sweet release of true confessions:)
 You can see that there is just a slight peek-a-boo of the shoulder,
 Not the best picture of me, but at least you can see the full outfit.
Hope you're having a lovely start to your weekend!

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  1. Beautiful outfit! Interesting how the sleeves look so different depending on the fabric. The drape is wonderful.

    1. Thanks Jean! I think this would look great on you, hint, hint!!

  2. This sleeve is beautiful! I love how it looks on the shoulder and produces a "cascade" ... very elegant!

  3. Its queer, don't you agree, that a lot of my sleeve insertions with Big 4 patterns, look remarkably like this. Without the intention, or style or flair....or the sweet peek-a-boo! What a difference good drafting makes, this rocks.

  4. your full outfit looks just beautiful! especially in that fabric and worn with the red shoes !

  5. I miss your blog!!!, but I understand when there are other things that you want to pursue. Always nice to hear from you:)