Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Little Dog and Pony Show!

The day completely got away from me yesterday and so no Wednesday Showcase post. I do have two lovely ladies to introduce you to, so be sure and come back next Wednesday.
Do you ever feel that you're going through a strange period of time in your life? That's exactly how I feel at the moment. On Tuesday night, my husband took our two dogs out for their evening walk. All was fine until a rabbit jumped right out in front of them. For my big dog, this is just far too much of a temptation. My husband did not have hold of her leash as well as he should and with a strong jerk, she was off and running. Somehow, the leash of my little dog got tangled in the larger dog's leash and she was dragged on the pursuit of the rabbit.  My husband said that she was able to keep up for a bit, but then lost her step and was pulled on her side and back for quite a distance. Thankfully, she is fine, just a little sore. Between having surgery, sick dogs, flood water, and now this, I'm ready for things to be just quiet and normal. Hopefully the "normal gods" will hear my plea:)  
On Tuesday I shared with you that I sewed like a little demon over the weekend as I needed to prepare for a talk I gave this past Monday. 
You may remember the Faux Tiered Ruffled Skirt  that I did for this FFPF post.
Below is the skirt that I made over the weekend.
For the tiers of ruffles, I used this ruffle fabric pictured below. The exact same principle was used to sew the ruffles. What I did was cut the ruffles apart and left a 1/4" lip of the solid black fabric so that I had a little seam allowance to sew the ruffle in place. I rather like how it turned out. 
The next piece is the Draped Ballerina Top. You can see the original post here. The store where I spoke, Linda Z's in Arlington Heights(this is a suburb of Chicago), had this wonderful drapey fabric in lots of lovely colors. Everyone loved my top so much that they bought all of the fabric that the store had and signed up in droves for my class!! 
The third piece is the Perfect Travel Dress. You can see the original post for the dress here. For some reason I just love this fabric. Again, they all loved the design. I had to laugh a bit as the prevailing question was, "how do you think up all of these designs?"
I have something that I have been meaning to share with you about my design process and it was a story I shared on Monday. Some months ago I was sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my husband. While I was there, a few ideas came to me. Since I did not have any fabric or even a pen to jot down my ideas, I took napkins and tore them into what I was thinking. I brought  the torn napkins home with me and laid them on the kitchen counter. My husband proceeded to throw them away. I proceeded to have a heart attack!! Not really, but he has promised to ask before throwing anything away in the future:)
I have a fun little piece I'm finishig up for tomorrow's FFPF post. I think you'll like it too!!

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  1. Are you teaching a class? I missed that somehow. Can you share where and when...I checked the Linda Z web stie but didn't see info there. Despite your recent difficulties your don't seem to have slowed down...good for you!

  2. Phew, I'm relieved that your little dog wasn't hurt badly in this accident! And I LOVE your latest version of the Perfect Travel Dress :)

  3. Thanks for thinking up stuff!

  4. No matter how...thanks for thinking up stuff!

  5. Sounds like a very enjoyable class for you. I really like the two tops and I think they would go lovely with the skinny leg silhouette of the moment.

  6. Too funny - I'm just seeing this now, hours later! I noticed your top and meant to ask you about it but got sidetracked. So cute!

  7. I have this skirt cut out and need to sew it! Wow, your poor little pooch. Like you said, it's been a lot to deal with!

  8. Those doggies of yours do get into spots of bother, don't they! No wonder you had to go and sew it all off - great little skirts, love the frills. And I always lose my napkin notes, and can't even blame my husband :-)

  9. All of your designs are amazing. I really love the skirt!

  10. Wow, I love the detail on that skirt! Your poor little pup, I'm glad she is okay, and I hope things quieten down for you a bit soon.

  11. Rhonda you are an amazing person. You have had a lot going on in your life in recent times but you still come up with amazing ideas.... you would be the most creative person I know of. However, you must take time for yourself to get well again and get things back to normal!!!!!
    Loved your most recent skirt. I'm a dog lover and I can comprehend where you are coming from with your puppy. Hope you have a turn of luck very soon.
    Cathy (New Zealand)

  12. Oh my gosh I would have a panic attack if that dog incident had happened on my watch! Glad everyone is healing :)

    And I still have that travel dress on my wish list...thank you for the reminder!