Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Gift, A Little Crewelty, and A Surprise

I have been so overwhelmed with all the lovely responses to my blog posts as well as the new followers. So as a little thank you, I thought I would give all of you a pattern to this napkin ring. Now you would think this would have been easy, but not as easy as I thought. My nephew came over last night and showed me how to make a PDF file. I'd never made one. The good news about that was that we were successful and I learned something new. The bad news was that I found out that a PDF file cannot be attached to this blog. So, since there's always more than one way to do anything, we had to think of another way to get the file to any of you who might like to have it. We came up with the "old fashioned" way, email. If you would like the pattern to this napkin ring, email me at sewbussted@yahoo.com and I will be happy to send out a copy.
The napkin ring adds a nice touch to a place setting. They're quick and inexpensive to make and they also make a great little hostess gift.

There are just 3 pieces to the pattern, the ring portion, the leaves, and the petals.

The ring portion looks like a dog bone. The rounded pieces at each end are also a part of the flower section.
To put everything together, fold the napkin ring portion in half. Pinch together the rounded ends and slide the leaf portion over the pinched portion.

Then slide the petal piece over the pinched portion.

Arrange the petals as you would like.

When you have a pretty holiday table, you need a pretty holiday outfit. I could wear the jacket at other times during the year, but it just seems a little more special to save it for the holidays.

This jacket is made from a wool double knit.
The entire jacket is embroidered in crewel work. The yarn is wool.

The buttons are glass, a little heavy, but I love the way they look and I also like how they lay agaist the wool.

A view of the sleeve.

The jacket is not lined. I rather like that you can see that it was actually done by hand.

And now for my little surprise. I am finally just about ready to put my patterns on the market. In the beginning they will be sold through either me directly or through Etsy. The jacket that I have just shared with you will also be in my pattern line. I plan to have the first patterns out right after the first of the year. I'm so excited. The first pattern will be a great little jacket. I will be showing that to you soon.
So from my little family to yours, have a lovely holiday season.

Carl, Rhonda, Gracie and Little Bit!
Check out the collars on the dogs. Not only are they red and white, they have bells attached. I call them the Jingle Jangle Girls. I'm so cruel.

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  1. Your jacket is stunning. Happy Christmas! Looking forward to seeing your patterns.

  2. A little late to this party - but WOW! Just WOW!

  3. Gorgeous, Rhonda, gorgeous! I have a thing for bright prints on black, and this is on a whole other level! Magnificent!