Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Green Seamstress

There's an old country song that says, "I was country when country wasn't cool." If you're a seamstress, you were "green" when green wasn't cool. Generations of women have saved their scraps because something could surely be done with them.
The scarf that I am posting tonight was made from scraps that I had left over from a wedding gown that I made. The fabric is a burnout velvet, a bear to work with. I find that if I hand baste, everything will go smoothly. It's definantly not a fabric that should be used if you want to quickly put a garment together.
After I finished the dress, I found that I had pieces that would work well into 4 rectangular pieces. I came across a Threads magazine article that is probably 10 years old. The article was all about beading and doing the fringe that you see below. But I had pieces that somehow had to be pieced together. I came across another Threads article on hand stitches which gave me the idea to connect the pieces with a fagoting stitch, but do it in beads and make the fagoting larger.
I was given a necklace and a strand of the pearls had broken. There were so many strands that one less didn't matter so rather than fix the necklace I saved the beads. They worked well with this project.
Everything about the scarf is delicate from the velvet to the bead work. The scarf is lined with a matching chiffon so the scarf continues to have a very light and airy feel.
Now who knew that being green could be so beautiful?

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