Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finishing Up the Fascinator/Part 5

The final step in finishing the fascinator is to finish the inside of the cap. 
I simply cut a piece of my fabric, pinned it in place and hand stitched it to the edge. When adding the lining, be sure to not pull it tight as we want to retain the cupped shape of the cap. This will allow it to sit comfortably on the head.
The lining has been stitched down.
The fascinator will not magically stay on the head, so we need to add a way to hold it in place. For a piece like this, I like to use elastic button loops. They can be found in the notions or the bridal area of your fabric store. Be sure to get the loops that are elastic. They come in black, white and ivory.
I run a small bead of Fabri-Tac around the edge and then attach the loops. Once the loops are in place, I then stitch them down along the outside edge.
It's a little difficult to see in the picture below, but the loops are stitched down and there is a stitch inside each loop. This is important because we don't want the loops to lift up once the comb is inserted.
To insert the comb, have the rounded side up and then push the loops over the teeth.
Push the loops to the edge of the comb and flip it over. This comb is just on the edge of being a little too large for this piece, but once it is in the hair, the edges should not be visible. If the comb hung over the edges a little more, I would have cut it in half and sanded the edges. The other loops will be used with bobbie pins. Just slide a bobbie pin into the hair and catch the loop. The fascinator will sit nicely on the head without any fear of it falling off.
When you last saw the fascinator, it looked like this.
It now looks like this.
 I had these feathers. They came on a stem, also from the floral department.
From the side.
The feather pieces were just nestled into the ribbon and around the flowers. I rather like the addition of the extra feathers.
So that's it, not at all difficult. My best advice is to just have fun and enjoy the process.
I won't be wearing this until October, but I'll see about getting a few pictures of it on my head before then. I'm sure you would like to see what it looks like on a real head and not a stuffed one!!! I think you'll be surprised by how it seems to just become a part of the hair and not appear as over the top as it does on the millinery head.
I hope you've enjoyed the posts.

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  1. Rhonda, this is amazing. The extra feeathers really give it some va-va-voom. I bet that it will look fabulous with your dress. Xx

    1. Thanks! I too loved the addition of the little feather bouquets. It was fine before, but better now :) Yes, I think it is going to look wonderful with the dress.

  2. wow! wish I had a place to wear one of these! however, I'm afraid at the feed store the guys would think I'd just been attacked by a turkey buzzard carrying a nosegay! ;) what to they know?! it is beautiful!! I love it more with the addition of the flowers. Perhaps I'll get invited to a fancy wedding sometime and have a reason to create my own.

    1. The guys might grab it and use it for target practice ;), can't blame them if they did. you brought back some very sweet memories of the old feed store in Timpson, TX. I loved that place!
      Guys surprise me though. I usually wear something in my hair to a function that I attend twice a year. About a year ago, I just didn't feel like it and went without. Not one woman mentioned it, but a number of men came up to me and asked why I didn't wear something in my hair. They were actually disappointed. I thought that was rather interesting.

    2. I meant to say "addition of the feathers" Glad I triggered some memories. Feed stores are fun places, I think. We have three here in Kaufman.

  3. Rhonda, I enjoyed reading and learning about your process for making the fascinator. It is beautiful! I look forward to seeing it modeled.

    1. Thanks Andrea.
      Maybe your daughter can use some of this for her costumes.
      Hope you are doing well. Always great to hear from you.