Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Drafting The Basic Bodice, Taking Measurements

A number of you had asked to see me taking my measurements. A video would probably be a little better than pictures, but hopefully, the pictures will help to answer some of your questions.
Begin by measuring your neck circumference. This measurement does not have ease as we are looking for the exact neckline for our slopers
Next, measure from your shoulder to bust point. The tape measure should be placed right at the intersection of the neck and shoulder and then extend to the bust point.
The high bust measurement should be above the bust and from the bottom of the arm to the other side. This measurement does not go all the way around the body.
Full bust measurement. I put one finger under the tape measure when I take this measurement. Be sure to measure at the fullest point of the bustline.
Shoulder to waistline. Measure from the neck and shoulder intersection to the bust point. From there measure to your waistline.
 To find your true waist, place your hands on your waist,
 and then bend to one side. Where you bend is your waistline. Measure your waist at this point.
When measuring your hips, turn side ways in a mirror and be sure to measure at the fullest point. Place a pin on you side seam at the hip point.
 For your hip length, measure from your waistline to the pin you placed at your hip point.

Most of the measurements for the bodice are taken from the front, so we only have three points for back measurements.
Shoulder to shoulder measurement. Measure from the edge of the shoulder bone at your arm to the other side.
Center back length. Measure from the bone at the center of your neck at the shoulder to your waistline.
Across back measurement. This measurement is very difficult to take by yourself. It is taken from the bottom of your arm where your arm meets your back and then across.
If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer them and post any more pictures that may make taking your measurements a little clearer.
Good luck!

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