Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting The Year Out With a Perfect Travel Dress

Good Morning and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
I had intended to get out a special Wednesday Showcase post yesterday, but I had a house full of guests and by the time they left, I was exhausted. So that post will wait until next week.
To begin this new year, I want to take a look back and share with you the lovely Perfect Travel Dress
that Cennetta of http://themahoganystylist.blogspot.com/ did for her daughter for Christmas. When I saw this picture, my first response was WOW!!!!! I think she looks absolutely incredible! And better yet, she loves her dress. Whew ;)
I actually had the opportunity to see Lauren in the piece but she was wearing it as a top like she is in the picture below. She wore the sleeves with less gathering which allowed them to hang a little longer on her arms, so you can see just how versatile the piece is.    
You can find Cennetta's full post and review here, http://themahoganystylist.blogspot.com/2013/12/rhondas-perfect-travel-dress-in-review.html. She's planning to make another for her sister.
If by chance you would like to give one a try for yourself, you can find my original post here, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2012/10/fabulous-free-pattern-friday_13.html Please note that the measurements that I have given for the neckline are the minimum for the opening. Once you cut the neckline, try it on and if you would like for it to be a little more open, you can then cut the neckline a little bigger. Remember, you can always cut more away, you just can't put it back!!
Thanks so much Cennetta for giving the Perfect Travel Dress a try!!! You did an amazing job.
Remember, this dress will be on the program Sew It All sometime in either February or March. As soon as I know when it will air, I will let you know.
Wishing us all a fabulous new year!!

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  1. A very Happy New Year to you, Rhonda! Cenetta makes such beautiful clothes for herself and her daughter. And I love her daughter's name!

    1. Happy New Year Andrea!!! And to your Lauren as well :)

  2. Happy New Year! It was a pleasure. This is a fun project. Your designs are stylish and make drafting less intimidating. With the New Year, I will try a few more.

    1. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the pictures that you took of Lauren. I don't know if it is the style of the dress, the color or what, but wow does she ever look great!!! Oh, I left out one last thing...maybe it's the great sewing techniques that her mom possesses!! Yes, I think that must be it ;)

    2. Tee Hee. As you stated, I will make this again for my sister.

    3. I absolutely love that dress and have made it twice. Thank you for sharing the pattern

    4. Jenny, Somehow I've missed pictures of your dresses. Let me see!!!!

  3. How cute! love the color. It is perfect for your shape Cennetta!

  4. Really perfect dress! I would like to choose one as i regularly take traveling!