Friday, January 3, 2014

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

 A week ago I shared with you the lovely skirt that Cennetta of http://themahoganystylist.blogspot.com/2013/12/green-is-my-color-mccalls-6797-rhondas.html did and I also said that I had another version to share with you and here it is...finally!!
This is just an 8-gore skirt without the flare. You can see the instructions I did on how to draft a traditional 8-gore skirt here, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2011/09/fabulous-free-pattern-fridaysthe-eight.html. There are 8 rectangular pieces with 8 rectangular godets at the hem. This skirt has a lot of movement to it when you walk, or as I like to say, swish! I've decided to rename the skirt
The Migrating Geese Skirt 
I think that the godets look like geese in flight. This skirt is made out of a double knit that actually looks like denim. Look closely and you can see that there is a faint vertical stripe in the fabric. The godets are also cut so that the stripe is vertical, but when it is sewn to the skirt, the center is horizontal. This skirt would be really cute in a more pronounced stripe, something not as faint as this.
This of course is the first skirt that I did using a rectangular godet. It has become one of my favorite go to skirts. You can find the original post here, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2013/05/fabulous-free-pattern-friday.html
Above is the original skirt showing the rectangular godet and below you can see that the godets are exactly the same as above.
To draft this skirt you will need;
1. Your hip measurement
2. The desired length of your skirt.
Begin with your hip measurement and add 2" for ease. If you like a more body conscious skirt, only add 1" of ease. As an example, is your hips are 40", add 2" of ease which will result in 42". Divide by 8 since we want a total of 8 panels. The result will be 5 1/4".  Draw a rectangle that is 5 1/4" wide by the desired length of your skirt. Remember to add seam allowance to either side of your rectangle and also add to the length for your hem as well as the elastic waist.
Cut 8 rectangular skirt panels and 8 rectangular godets. The measurement of  my godets is 9"wide by 18" long. You can increase the width and depth measurements if you like, but unless you are very petite, I would not decrease the measurements as the bottom of the skirt should be quite full.
Follow the instructions I did here http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2013/05/fabulous-free-pattern-friday.html to sew the skirt together, add the elastic waist and attach the godets.
I want to revisit this skirt once more with a change in the shape of the godet. The last post I would like to do will show you how to once again make a very simple to sew skirt with godets, but it will allow the skirt to be full length.
Please let me know if you decide to give it a try.
Happy Friday!

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  1. Rhonda, I just received my fabulous gift from you! It really brightened my day and I will hang it in my sewing room tonight and it will make a lovely thing to rest my eye upon when I get tired of all that seam ripping I always have to do. Stay safe and warm

    1. Thanks for letting me know that it arrived. So glad you like it :)

  2. Love this one Rhonda. I pinned it to my free sewing patterns board so I think you'll be getting a few Pinterest visitors to check it out soon! I can imagine making one of these in a very lightweight floaty fabric for the summer, and perhaps making it into a summer dress. Hmm, sounds like I need to shop for fabric!

  3. Replies
    1. Hint, hint....this would look good on a couple of ladies I know ;)

  4. My beautiful print arrived, Rhonda. Thank you so much. You are ever so thoughtful and the print is fabulous!

    1. I'm so happy :) Thanks for letting me know. Wishing you a wonderful new year Bunny!

  5. Just found your blog from Pinterest and I'm loving it! Love this skirt!

  6. This is a very clever skirt - simple construction but very effective :)