Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Time Changes Things...But Does It?

This past Sunday, I was able to spend time with a special member of my family. She had said that I could meet her, and sit with her during her hair appointment, and then we could go for lunch. What I thought would be maybe an hour turned out to be a number of hours since she also had color done. I told her that when I saw the foils come out, I thought, "oh no!!!, I'm going to be sitting here for quite some time." I thought too about what I could possibly do for the next 3 hours :/ As it turned out, the salon had a current edition of Vogue magazine which I had not read. And yes, I read it from cover to cover ;)

I so enjoy Vogue magazine. Always have. Not only do they have wonderful fashion editorials, the writers are amazing, and I always learn something new. In this issue, they had a lovely article on an exhibit that is currently at The Metropolitan Museum of Art entitled, About Time: Fashion and Duration. While most of us will not be able to take a trip to New York City to see the exhibit, we can visit it virtually. 

In the video below, the curator, Andrew Bolton explains the thought process behind the exhibition, and he also walks us through the collection. What an incredible opportunity!   

The video below showcases many of the garments that are in the exhibition. It shows how we are so much a part of our past. It's really quite fascinating.

You can see a few of the pieces that have been paired together HERE. Below is an example.

(Left) Timeline:  Cristóbal Balenciaga (Spanish, 1895–1972). Dress, fall/winter 1958–59 haute couture. Gift of Rosamond Bernier, 1973 (1973.58.1a, b)
(Right) Interruption: Nicolas Ghesquière (French, born 1971) for Louis Vuitton (French, founded 1854). Dress, spring/summer 2018. Courtesy of Collection Louis Vuitton 

I have so enjoyed the virtual tour of this exhibit. 
Both videos will only take about a half hour. Time well spent! And think about it this way, no airline ticket, no crowds, and you can enjoy a cup of tea during your tour. And...you may as well add a lovely sweet treat to go with that cup of tea ;) 


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