Sunday, May 6, 2018

Fashion Show Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

Today is Fashion Show Sunday for the Haute Couture Club of Chicago! Always a fun, and crazy day :) So much work goes in to pulling off this show. We are not professionals, so making it all come together is quite an undertaking. I think there will be about 90 garments in the show, all made by our members. So many come to our show because they love the fact that we are real women, in real clothes, and then the icing on the cake is that we made those clothes.

I thought I would just give you a quick glimpse of what I will have in the show. You've seen most of it before.

My denim, hoodless, Waffle Patterns Pepernoot coat with a little skirt and striped shirt. I love this skirt. The pattern in the fabric is airplanes, locomotives, and steamships ;) I have a pair of red boots that I will wear with the outfit.

Love this saved lining skirt. The fabric was found in an old fur coat. I especially like the name that was embroidered, Jetta Jones.  

This skirt was made with a piece of vintage brocade from Hawaii. Great big pockets on the sides add interest and fun. I have a pair of black and white striped shoes that I will wear with this outfit.

I made this outfit to wear to a summer wedding last year. The fabric is from Tessutti Fabrics in Australia. Such an amazing piece of silk.

I think we will have 8 umbrellas in the show. We will all come out at the same time for full impact. Should be fun.

And finally, my Stephen Burrows inspired coat. My colors are not as vibrant as the original coat. I will get better pictures and share more about the coat in tomorrow's post. What a fun project to do. The lining is a piece of fabric that the Haute Couture club had made for our 60th anniversary.  

And finally, a fun pair of floaty pants that I will pair with a purple knit velvet top. Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of me in the pants so you can get a better idea of what they look like.

Have  fabulous day!

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  1. Have a great day! I know what a big day this is from having attended a few years ago.

  2. Such. Beautiful. Clothes! As I scrolled down I said to my self, "This is my favorite!" "No, this is!" No, This!" Each piece makes such perfect use of the fabric from which it's made.

    Just beautiful. I wish I were close enough to see the show.

  3. I'd love to be at the show! I hope it went well.

  4. Every year I read various blog posts about this event. So cool!!! It oughta be covered by the fashion news folks...

  5. Wow, so many gorgeous garments! Wish I could come and see the show...

  6. Oh, they all look fabulous, and How I would love to be there and see the show. Have fun.

  7. Such pretty garments. I’m sure the fashion show was a wonderful success.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous - each and every piece. Oh, how I would like to be able to see this fashion shown in person...

  9. Have fun! I love everything you make.

  10. WOW! That coat! The blouse and skirt!!!! That brocade skirt!!!!

    You have some amazing items. How fun to do a fashion show.

  11. Wow what great pieces . I'm sure the show will be amazing to see!

  12. I thought I left a comment, but must have messed it up. Want to see pictures of you wearing these! Can hubby snap some shots for us. Gorgeous outfits!

  13. More information on the floaty pants, please!!!