Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Summer Bucket List

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back! 
The cataract surgery on my left eye was last Wednesday. It was done very late in the day. By the time it happened, I was quite anxious, so I ended up having a little more anesthesia, but the surgery went well. The only downside of the anesthesia was that I was quite fatigued and a little dizzy for a few days. I'll see my doctor on Thursday for my one week checkup, so hopefully I'll get a thumbs up, and life will return to being at  least somewhat normal again :)

My husband had been out running a few errands for me over the weekend. When he returned, he said, "look what I found!" When he came out of the store, he looked down, and there was a folded piece of paper laying on the ground. He picked it up. What possessed him to pick it up, I don't know. Most often, people will just walk over a piece of paper laying on the ground. But, he did pick it up, unfolded it, and saw a teenage girl's summer bucket list. When he opened it, and discovered what it was, he looked around trying to find who it might belong to, but he said that no one was around. Rather than just throw it in the garbage, he thought he would bring it home to me. The list is pictured below.

As I read it over, I thought, "what a great and doable list!" 

*Get Tan
*Watch the sunrise on the beach
*Henna (tattoo)
*lolla (Lollapalooza, a music festival)
*Paddle Boarding
*Movie In The Park
*Lacrosse camp with Katie
*Read a good book
*Watch The Sunset
*Have a Summer Fling
*Acai Bowls
*Go On Runs
*Spend the night in the tent
*Go Jet Skiing
*Dance In The Rain
*Skinny Dip (:/)
*Margies (for ice cream)
*See Mamma Mia with Kelsi
*Cubs Game

And finally;


As I read the list, I thought about when the last time was that I was excited about summer and all that it could hold. To be honest, I don't remember. Sad :( As I continued to study the list, I thought, let this be an inspiration. 

*Get tan. I do not want to sit out in the sun and get a tan, but I can go for a spray on tan. 
*Watch The Sunrise. I can get up early, go to the beach and watch the sunrise. After all, it's only a couple of miles away. 
*Henna. How fun would it be to get a henna tattoo?!! 
*Going to Lollapalooza is not my thing, but an evening at the  Grant Park Music Festival would be lovely. Sitting out on the grounds and listening to some classical music under the stars. Lovely!
*A bonfire would be fun. Haven't done that for a very long time.
*Tubing. Again, not in a very long time, but such fun.
*Paddle Boarding. I've thought it would be fun, so why not?!!
*Movie in the park. Last year, we saw Romeo and Juliet in the park. Such fun. I'll see what I can come up with.
*I won't be going to Lacrosse camp with Katie ;)
*Read a good book. I can actually cross that off my list. More about that in an upcoming post. 
*Watch the sunset. I think an evening in Michigan, sitting on the shore and watching the sunset would be so lovely. 
*Have a summer fling. Not quite sure what she meant by this. I won't be having a "fling" in the traditional sense, but maybe there's something nontraditional that I can do :) Any hints???
*Acai Bowls. Sign me up! I've already downloaded a few recipes!
*Go on runs. I won't be running this summer, but I will take some nice long hikes. There's a 15 mile hike that I have been wanting to do.
*Spend the night in the tent. I just don't like to camp, so I will not add this to my list.
*Go jet skiing. Another thing I've wanted to do. I'm sure there's somewhere to rent jet skis here in Chicago.
*Dance in the rain. Why not? :)
*Skinny Dip. That won't happen!
*Margies for ice cream. I can walk there, so that may happen in the next day or two :)
*See Mamma Mia with Kelsi. Well, I won't be seeing anything with Kelsi ;), and I'm not a big fan of Mamma Mia, but there is an opera that I would like to see.
*Cubs game...nah. Not much of a baseball fan. 

What I want to add to my list is;
*Go zip lining
*White water rafting

And again, last but not least;


Maybe this will inspire you as well. We don't have to be a child to enjoy summer and all it has to hold. Write out your summer bucket list. Share it here in the comments. I would love to see some of your ideas for having fun, and things that will make you happy. We'll meet again at the end of summer to see how well we did.

BTW, if anyone by chance knows who the list above belongs to, let me know. I would love to return it. At the very least, a great big thank you to this child for opening my eyes to some fun filled days :)

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  1. I love this! What a great list for a teenager (and with your modifications for us as well!). I like her spirit and hope she does a lot of these over the summer. It reminds us of how much we anticipated summer as kids.

    Happy to hear your surgery went well. Hope the recovery is swift.

  2. It's a sort of "pennies from heaven" but this time it's the bucket list from heaven. This is truly inspiring. Thank you Rhonda and thank you young person who is so full of ideas and excitement.

  3. Fun bucket list. Its will be winter here but I am off on a 5 week holiday to England, France and Spain. Sp I get a second summer. I think I will write a bucket list of fun things to do while I'm away. What fun! Glad to hear you got thru the surgery ok and hope the result is perfect.

  4. Interesting bucket list. While some of the items certainly wouldn't be my choices, some are things that at a younger age I did want and experience. What I see in this person's list is are some rather simple to achieve goals. Watch the sunset, go on a run, etc. It makes me wonder what about this person's life doesn't allow those simple pleasures. Most would have something like "see the Grand Canyon" or "go to Paris". I hope and pray this person will find the time and ability to experience what seem to be rather simple, doable pleasures.

  5. What a delightful post! Thanks!

  6. I used to have my kids do these lists each summer. It was always a race to see if we could manage to do them all. I need to do one for me!