Wednesday, May 3, 2017

OOTD and Thoughts On Me Made May

I can't wait to get dressed this morning! I've been waiting to wear this skirt and today is the day. The skirt is made from a beautiful piece of vintage jacquard that's also a border print.  

It has big hip pockets.

Front pleats that radiate from the base of the darts.

I underlined the fabric with cotton batiste, and finished off the hem with a piece of yellow bias tape.

The skirt is lined in an off white silk charmuese, which, needs to be pressed :/ 

I'm wearing a pair of black and white striped pumps. I like the unexpected combination.

I have decided to participate in Me Made May this year. I won't be doing daily posts here. If you would like to follow along, I'll be posting on Instagram. You can find me by searching Sewbussted. At the end of the month, I'll do a recap here on the blog and share my discoveries.

MeMadeMay began as a way for sewists to shout to the world, "I"m sewing!" And also to celebrate the incredible work that goes into a made by you wardrobe. For some, I think the experience is still the same, for others, it has morphed into something more, and that's me. 

Now, I've been sewing since Adam and Eve walked the face of the earth, maybe even longer ;), so a sewn wardrobe is nothing new. What I am looking forward to is scrutinizing my wardrobe, asking myself questions about what I have, and what I really need. I am also looking forward to discovering why there are pieces that I love, but just don't wear, at least not too often. And then too, being honest and getting rid of what I really don't like.

For many of us, May is a wonderful time of the year to do this. The weather is changing and we're looking forward to getting into lighter and brighter clothes. But, if you live in a climate like Chicago, there are days when you have to pull on something warm. Believe it or not, we actually had a freeze warning last night! So this time of year gives me the chance to actually look at my entire wardrobe rather than just a season. I think there is something to be said for doing this over an entire month. Our moods change, one day is not the same as the last, so it gives us time to really delve a little deeper than just taking a day to go through your wardrobe. 

I'm looking forward to a fun and informative month!

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  1. Those shoes are PERFECT with the skirt and shirt--wow! I love the combination of patterns, it really works. =)

    I hope May is educational for you, hehe! I can definitely see how the conscious effort to wear things you've made can show you what you do or don't wear, and prompt you to consider "why." I haven't ever done Me-Made-May, simply because I don't have enough handmade garments. I always think "next year" will be my year but so far, no luck! I need to sew a better variety of garments too, since Ohio can have unpredictable weather in May just like you do. ;-)

  2. Lovely, LOVELY skirt! The attention to detail makes me happy! And...I love the shoes too!

    I look forward to reading about your MMM experience!

  3. That skirt is stunning! The fabric is gorgeous and it is such a beautifully made garment. I love the shoes - fun and perfect!

  4. Just a gorgeous skirt! and that blouse is wonderful too!

  5. Beautiful skirt, Rhonda! Is there a pattern for this?

  6. I'm on the same Me-Made-May journey, since I wear me-made items everyday, it has became a wardrobe management project instead. I've been holding on to too many items that either don't fit well or styles that don't do my body shape any favours. MMM 2017 is all about editing.

    Oh and that skirt is stunning. Beautiful fabric and print. And love those shoes, I'm a bit jealous since my high heel days are behind me.

  7. Beautiful skirt and the pumps are fabulous.

  8. I can see why you are excited to wear this skirt. It's beautiful!

  9. What a gorgeous skirt - love it with the striped shoes too! Fabulous all round.

  10. Seriously awesome skirt fabric. fabric lust.