Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration

It's Monday, and it's also the first day of the month. May 1st is my personal kickoff to spring, so this is a very happy day for me. We had SO much rain over the weekend. My garden is quite happy, weeds and flowers alike ;) The blooms have finished on my cherry tree, but the apple tree is bursting with blooms. The squirrels typically eat all of my apples, but who knows, maybe there will be enough this year for me too. I'm not counting on it. Those little buggers snatch the apples off the tree, take a bite or two and then leave the rest. I don't mind sharing, but at least eat what you take!!! 

Last Saturday I added a new interview to the Sewbussted Material Witness lineup. What a fun interview it was to do. In case you missed it, I've added it below,

I had not met Pamela Vanderlinde prior to our interview, but what a great time we had together. So for a little Monday Morning Inspiration, I thought I would showcase some of her custom work. 

The 2 pieces below are by far my favorite. 

If you watched, or listened to the interview, you heard her say that her passion is coats and jackets. Look closely and you'll see the asymmetrical collar on this jacket. 

 The velvet roses on this coat are just exquisite.

Pamela enjoys taking a basic design and doing something a little unexpected.

This coat is a piece that she did for a class that she taught on pattern insertion. Really amazing!

Her new book on designing coats and jackets just came out in January, so it's quite new. A fabulous book, and one that I think everyone who enjoys making coats and or jackets should have in their library. You can find it HERE on Amazon. 

I thought I would share this picture from her blog, a picture taken in Manchu Picchu. In the interview we talk about her philanthropic work with the Andean women. On the Amawaki website, you can find info on how you can actually go and learn the weaving technique. While you are there, you will stay with a family and experience their life first hand. I SO want to do this!  

Now here's an opportunity!!!

If by chance you are going to be in Chicago on Saturday June 3, 2017, Pamela will be speaking to the Haute Couture Club of Chicago at our annual June Banquet. You can find all of the information in our newsletter HERE

I hope that the month of May will bring loads of happiness and opportunity into your life! 

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  1. Beautiful work! (And May 1 is usually the first day I see ducklings.)

    1. We won't see ducklings for another month. Or so. The ducks have been courting though. So lovely seeing signs of spring 😊

  2. Oh what beautiful work and I adore the coat with the velvet roses. It is amazing and so beautiful.

    1. I just love how they cascade down the front of the coat. Such a pretty detail 😊

  3. Amazing! Thank you for sharing the great post. I was so inspired by these.

    1. I'm so happy 😊
      I could see you doing the pieced jacket.