Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Sewaholic Robson Trench Sew Along/The Pockets

I've done a special post for the Sewaholic Robson Trench Sew Along on attaching the pockets. This is a traditional trench coat pocket with a flap and inseam pockets. The primary trick in getting the pockets to look perfect is precise marking. There are notches and seam allowances that should be marked. You can see both marked in white below.
The pocket is finished prior to finishing the seam.
 In the end, it all goes together beautifully.
My favorite detail with the pocket is the bit of binding that is used to secure the pocket and keep it in place. Just a fabulous detail!
You can find the post HERE. Hopefully between the written pattern instructions and my instructions you'll be able to sail through the process of attaching your pockets.
Good Luck!

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  1. I have been reading your sew along posts and am feeling quite inspired.You make it look so easy and your coat is beautiful. xx

    1. Thanks! I feel that nothing is really difficult, you just need to be shown how to do it.