Monday, December 15, 2014

And The Winner Is!!!!!!

The response to possibly winning the Learn To Sew DVDs was so nice. So many of you would like to pass them on to budding sewists. What excites me the most is that so many of you are passing on your passion and that's fabulous. But sadly, I only had the one set to share, so only one winner, and the winner is......
The TellTaleTasha who blogs at  http://thetelltaletasha.blogspot.com/ She said, "I know EXACTLY who I would gift this to." Maybe I can get her to do a little blog post and share with all of us exactly who will be the beneficiary of the DVDs. I know would love to know :)
Congratulations Tasha!! Please email me with your shipping address so I can get the package off to you ASAP!
Me Made Monday will be back, just a day late. I've had a ferocious headache this afternoon. but thankfully it's beginning to subside. I should be back to my normal self by tomorrow.
Thanks so much again to all who participated in the giveaway.

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