Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

Until a few weeks ago when I came across this picture, I had never heard of Gary Harvey. I thought his take on a baseball jacket was interesting, but then I read that the piece was created with recycled parachute fabric. At that point, I realized that there is more to the man than just creating fashion.  
Finding pictures of his work is a bit difficult, but I was able to find a few. His collections are about raising awareness  of limited natural resources and environmental issues involved in placing unwanted clothing into landfill and generating respect for the craftsmanship in recycling/upcycling.
 The gown on the left is made from recycled raincoats. On the right, denim jeans.

Recycled Hawaiian Shirts 

 The Wall Street Journal
 Plastic Frozen Vegetable bags.
 More denim.
I found his work to be interesting as well as fascinating. If you would like to take a look at more of his work, you can find it on his website here, http://www.garyharveycreative.com/# Just click through on the various pages and you'll be able to see his collections.
Not many of us want to wear plastic vegetable bags, or take the time to create a gown from recycled raincoats, but it's interesting to see what is being done to bring awareness to waste and recycling.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. For a draping class, I turned pieces of menswear into an evening gown and it was so much fun! Menswear has so many great details, that it's fun to incorporate them into the design. My friend even wanted to wear it for a styling piece on her blog. lol It's just neat to see where your creativity takes you...

    1. I bet your piece was especially interesting. Nothing as innovated as what you did, but my aunt would take old, wool men's suits, cut them into strips and make the most glorious rugs. There's so much we can do if we just think a little. Would love to see your creation!

  2. His pieces are amazing. I really love recycled fabric. There are quite a few small indie designers here in the UK reworking second hand clothing. There is definitely too much emphasis on "fast fashion" these days and so much textile waste pre- and post-consumer. I like to use fabric from home decor sample books and have used old 80's wedding dresses from the charity shop as a source of silk. I felt really bad as they had been someone's special dress but they have just SO MUCH fabric in them that you can make so many things. Xx

    1. Home Dec samples and wedding gown silk would be perfect for your corset work. I have an old wedding gown that was given to me and I have been thinking about how I could repurpose it. You've gotten my creative ideas flowing. Thanks!!