Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Hi Everyone!! So sorry about missing the Wednesday Showcase yesterday. I sat down to write and I was just so very tired, so I thought...hoped, no one would kill me for missing one week ;)
I am back with a new pattern for Thrifty Thursday. In the event that you missed last week's post, I'll do a quick catch up for you. There are so many of the independent pattern companies that are offering really nice patterns for free and I think it is such a wonderful thing for them to do. It gives us, the consumers, a chance to try out their patterns free of charge and  test out their sizing as well as the pattern with only the cost of some paper and ink, and of course our fabric and time, but that's beside the point! Last week I showcased two patterns to kick off this new feature. I showed you the Yellow Tail Camisole that I made using the free pattern from Disparate Disciplines and the Hemlock Tee from Grainline Studios. By the way, I loved them both and have worn them a few times now. Both are well worth the paper, ink and time spent taping the patterns together.
This week I am showcasing the Plantain T-Shirt from Deer and Doe Patterns.
The pattern comes graded, so there are a number of sizes to choose from, very nice. They do provide a sizing chart which makes it quite easy to choose your appropriate size. You also have the choice of a long or 3/4 length sleeve. It flares at the hips, so it is a very flattering silhouette. I did add 2" to the length of my top as I wanted mine to be a little longer. The only other alteration I made was I that need to take up the shoulders just a bit. Other than that, it was sew and go!
For a little added interest, the pattern comes with elbow pads. Such fun. I made my top out of a tie dye knit. As I was looking through my fabrics, I came across some Missoni knit scraps that just happened to have the same colors as the tie dye running through the narrow stripes, so I used the scraps to make my elbow pads. To attach my elbow pads, I simply did a narrow zigzag all the way around them.
In order to download the pattern, you will need to create an account with Deer and Doe, but it is very easy to do. There are 5 pieces to the pattern, the front, back, sleeve, neckband and the elbow pad. I love it when a pattern includes everything you'll need to make the pattern.
I found the pattern to be well drafted and very easy to make. This is a French company, but the instructions are in French as well as English, so as long as you speak one of those two languages, you won't have a problem. To be honest, the instructions really aren't necessary as the pattern is so easy to put together. You can find the pattern here, http://boutique.deer-and-doe.fr/29-tops-plantain-t-shirt.html I think you'll find it to be a welcome addition to your pattern collection!

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  1. That looks beautiful on you, I love the proportions with your jeans. The blue colors are so pretty against the snow (forgive me if you've had too much snow). I will go check out the T!

  2. Hey - everyone is entitled to a sick day. Hope you are feeling raring to go now.

    That is a lovely tee. Great shape. Love the elbow pads and the fabric..

  3. And you look EXTRA pretty in those colors against the snow. Aren't you FREEZING! I love this addition to your blog. I'm afraid I would have to do an FBA no matter what the sizing was. It isn't that I am large busted. It is that my upper chest is so narrow.
    Hugs, Joy

  4. Cute tee, Rhonda! I'm printing off my copy as I type this.....:-)