Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

While going through the January issue of Vogue magazine, I came across this picture and the applique caught my eye. I love applique! The credits said that it was a Miu Miu jacket, available in select boutiques. I tried to find a website and for whatever reason, I couldn't find this jacket. So I thought, this is Chicago, we are a fashionable city, maybe there is a boutique here. None to be had. There's one in Houston...but none here. Not that Houston isn't a fashionable city, it is, I just found it rather strange that Chicago wouldn't have a Miu Miu boutique.
I continued to search and finally my efforts paid off. It's from the Spring 2014 Mui Mui collection. I love this jacket!!! 
 And they have other style variations.
 A close up of the skirt detail from above.
Subdued colors.
 There's even the face of a cat!
And boots!!
 I love the tailored coats
 and suits from this collection.
 They may be a bit of a throw back, but I think they are so very pretty.
 Beautiful pattern on this dress.
I've only posted my favorite pieces from this collection. If you would like to see more, here's a link, http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2014RTW-MIUMIU/#1
And if you would like to see the show, here it is.

The filming is rather dark and the music is very bizarre. Just turn down the sound ;) Actually, just look at the pictures from the above link. You can see the clothes better and you won't get annoyed with the music.
Some thought this collection to be a strange collection for spring as the garments seem too heavy. Not if you live in Chicago!!!
Wishing you a wonderful week and may whatever you search for end in success!!!

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  1. I think you meant Miu Miu, right? In Chicago the brand is carried by Barney's on Oak Street and by Neapolitan on Elm Street. Love the appliques.

  2. There is something very Nancy Sinatra about these outfits - especially the boots!

    1. I didn't think about it, but you're right. Just shorten the skirts by a lot!!!