Friday, December 30, 2011

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

The Draped Front Ballerina Top
I'm calling this the Ballerina top as it reminds me of some of the lovely pieces a ballerina will wear while practicing. I love how they always look so lovely even when they don't intend to. This little top is beyond easy, just two big rectangles that have been cut into for the sleeves.
I used a great mesh knit fabric. It even has tiny little sequins woven into it. If you decide to make this top, remember that you must choose a fabric that is the same on front and back. One side of the front has the front side of the fabric facing out the other side of the front top has the back side of the fabric facing out because of the twist that is done to form the drape.   
 It can be worn with the drape in the front or in the back, your choice.
 A view from the side.
The back or as you might like, the front.
Okay, so to draft this little top, you will need your hip measurement and the length that you would like your top to be. I used 20" because that was how much fabric I had and I was determined to use it!

Start with the back. I also used 8" for the sleeves, because once again, this is what my piece of fabric would allow. If you have more fabric, you can make this a long sleeved top. The measurement across the top of the top will be your hip measurement divided in half plus the length that you would like your sleeves to be. Let's say that your hip measurement is 40". Divide that measurement in half which will be 20". The length of my sleeves is 8", so we will need that measurement twice because we have two sleeves, so the final measurement is 36". I wanted a fairly loose sleeve, so I used 8" for the depth of my sleeve. Make sure to measure your arm and add ease for your sleeve. Because this is a rather loose fitting garment, I would use at least 2" of ease for my sleeve.  
Once you have the top portion of your top measured out, draw the lines down your desired length and the bottom line of your top should be half of your hip measurement.   

So now you can see how the drape is formed on the top. The top has a twist at center front. That's just how simple it is.
To compensate for the twist, you will need your full hip measurement for the front of your top. The top line of the pattern is your hip measurement plus the 8" for your sleeve. Measure down the desired depth of your sleeve, I used 8", and then measure over the length of your sleeve. From this point measure down your desired length and then once again, measure over your hip measurement plus the length of your sleeve.
There are only four seams in this top, the two side seams and the two shoulder seams. To sew your top together, match the back to the front on one side. Once that seam has been sewn, twist the front of your top so that the sleeve will match the back sleeve and sew the second side seam. Sew the shoulder seams. the back neck opening is 8", 4" on either side of center back. (8 seems to be a magic number for me today) Turn your edges to finish.
I would post a picture of me in the top, but I look an absolute fright today. I'll look better tomorrow so I'll show you a picture of me in the top tomorrow.
Hope you've all had a wonderful week. It went soooo fast!
See you tomorrow.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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  1. I'm excited. I have just the perfect lime green knit in my stash that'll be perfect and I love the casual yet "dress-up" style of this top. Thank you.

  2. Hi Sue, Glad you like the top. Lime green, that will be a wonderful top!

  3. How fun is that! Another of your delightful projects that is going on my To Do List, thank you :)

  4. This is inspired! Thank you, I will definitely be making one of these.

  5. OH Rhonda - you are an inspriation - have been looking for this design! Can I use the pic of the Draped Ballerina on my blog to introduce my rendition of this creation?

    1. I'm so happy that you like the top. When you post the picture, just link back to my blog. Let me know when you do this and I'll make mention about your top on my blog. You can email me at sewbussted@yahoo.com. Looking forward to seeing your creation!

  6. Oh this looks fab - thanks to Javie (dashingmarmot) for the link through to you :-)

  7. Nastygal is selling this l/s top 4 $58!! Thank u sooooo much!! I knew it couldn't be that hard 2 make but hv been driving myself crazy because with the twist I kept coming up with mismatched fabrics together. Now I understand why!

  8. I tried to comment when I first published my version but apparently it didn't work. Here it is again: http://titesmains.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/un-reve-de-ballet/ Thanks for the fab idea!

  9. I am ready to make this fun top but cannot figure out how much fabric to buy! Help!