Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

The Wrap Headband
I have two Fabulous Free Pattern Fridays that I need to catch up with, so I am not early for this week, just catching up. Really and truly I should have posted this before Christmas because this little headband would have made great stocking stuffers, but alas, here I am. This is actually a repost. The headband was always intended to be a part of the Fabulous Free Pattern Friday posts, but it was posted before I changed the title. So for those of you who have been following for a while.....you've seen this before.  
In the original post, the headband was done in cotton as seen in the picture below. The headband in the above picture is made from black stretch velvet. When I have a day that I would rather not fool with my hair, this is my go to accessory.
The headband wraps around the head and forms a small rose as you twist it around.
The instructions can be found here.
It's just a rectangle, a long one, but a rectangle. The addition of the wire is what holds it in place so well.

I thought I would share today's outfit. The pictures make the skirt look like I'm wearing an apron!! The skirt is actually an out of print Sandra Betzina Today's Fit Pattern.
I made mine out of a wool challis and a wool tweed. I did not do the ruching on the side of the skirt that you see in the above picture. Actually, I did and I took it out as it didn't work wellwith the fabric that I chose. I think it would look wonderful in a much lighter weight fabric.   

The wool I used for the skirt is a much darker fabric than what the photograph shows and the overlay does drape like the drawing on the pattern. If by chance you are interested in the pattern, I found only one on the Internet. It's on Ebay and you can find it here.
I would like to send out a warm welcome to the followers. I am SO Very Happy to have you!! And thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I really enjoy hearing from you.

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  1. I bookmarked your pattern for the headband when you first posted it.
    Dan actually gave me some wire, but so far haven't had time to make it. Thanks for the reminder.
    I love the skirt.
    Happy New Years!

  2. That is one of my favorite skirt patterns! I've made it 5 times, I think.

    A cute headband!